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Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palette- Cashmere (Plus FOTD)

I'm still amazed at the restraint I've shown when only buying one of the new Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palettes. I pre-ordered Cashmere a couple of months ago, knowing it was a sure thing, but passed on Minx and Chroma, as one is a very classic smoky eye set of which I have multiple other options, and the other has too many warm shades for me to create flattering looks (I'd have to add colors from other palettes or various singles, which kind of beats the point of buying a pretty and well edited small palette). Then I watched this video review by the adorable Tara, and she made me want to get the other two, pop them out of the packaging and place all of them together in one pretty Z-Palette for the sake of satisfying completion. But I didn't. I really and truly can only justify having Viseart Cashmere, and I've been putting it to such good use since it arrived here that I am completely satisfied.

One last word about the packaging: unlike the larger twelve color palettes, the pans in the Theory sets can be popped out of the cardboard box and placed into any magnetic free-form palette. I haven't done it, since I do like the very compact packaging, and I know it'll make an excellent companion for travel as it's sturdy enough and has a magnetic protective flap. Quite clever, really.

But we're all gathered here to talk about color and texture, so let's get it on.

All the new Viseart Theory palettes have three matte shades and three shimmer ones. Five out of each six are new colors, while one is a repeat from one of the big palettes. so even if you have the entire collection you get brand new eye shadows you haven't used before. I own four of the big Viseart palettes:  Neutral Matte, Paris Nudes, Dark Matte, and Sultry Muse, and find the little one to be an excellent addition. Cashmere is a neutral collection that leans taupe and is slightly on the cooler side, though I can use eye shadows no. 1, 2, and 3 for a slightly brighter and warmer look. The colors are incredibly well-chosen. At first glance they appear rather standard, but then you realize they allow for some serious dramatic effects, as well as a low-key tone-on-tone conservative looks.

The textures are exactly what I've come to expect from Viseart: rich in pigment, easy to apply and blend, crisp and clean. They're very soft so you don't have to dig in with a shovel, but they don't disintegrate to the touch or kick in a cloud of taupy powder. They're more skin-smooth than butter-like, and have a very professional feel to them. They're meant to be used and worked to the pan, and that's exactly what I consider the very best of makeup.

The eye shadows themselves are (my numbering, not Viseart's):
1. matte ivory
2. bright shimmer champagne
3. classic matte medium brown
4. shimmery rosy/mauve taupe
5. matte cool dark browm, like a slightly dusty espresso
6. a classic gorgeous shimmery taupe. The stuff ballads are written about by obsessed beauty bloggers.

I use a primer underneath (always), and can tell you that the eye shadows never lose their intensity or their finish in the face of rain, shine, or sweat. They play well with others and can be the building blocks of many looks.

Bottom Line: Perfection.

Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palette- Cashmere ($45, made in France) are available from Sephora (online) and musebeauty.pro.

Now for an actual incorporating the entire palette (I know!):

The Face Shop Mango Seed Butter Glow Date-Prep. Like I've mentioned in the past, don't even think about buying it if your skin is oily. For me, it's a lovely primer that's more for texture and an overall look glow than for longevity.
Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge #2. I'll keep buying it for as long as they keep making it.
Youngblood concealer in Medium Tan anchored  with Laura Mercier setting powder.
Guerlain Wulong pressed (limited and long discontinued) for finishing.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.
Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palette Cashmere:
   #1 all over the lid from lash line to brow bone
   #3 in the crease, used sparingly
   #6 on most of the mobile lid
   #4 patted lightly in the middle of the lid
   #5 applied along the lash line with a small angled brush
   #2 in the inner corner
I used all Chikuhodo brushes from the GSN series (plain white handles) plus my old Edward Bess Luxury Eye brush for final blending.
MAC Teddy on the waterline
MAC Zoom Fast mascara (not as good as the regular Zoom Lash).

I actually used eye shadow #5 from the Cashmere palette. It's darker than what I usually go for, but I wanted to see how it holds and if it gives the palette even more versatility, and it does. The powder remained in my brows for the six hours I needed it to stay put.

Kjaer Weis cream highlighter
NARS 413 BLKR blush

Tom Ford Moroccan Rouge applied with a thin brush in three blotted layers with no lip liner.

Other Stuff
Silk blouse by J Crew (from last year, I think)
Scarf by Paul Smith
SotD Parfums MDCI Peche Cardinal.


  1. I got this and I was dismayed when I tried it with an Urban Decay peach color corrector instead of an eye shadow primer and it creased on me after about 6 hours. :( I'm hoping that was just a fluke and am resolved to try it again with my Nars eye primer and see if it behaves better that way.

  2. Beautiful look and really appreciate the detailed application notes for the eye shadows. Great lip color - off to read your review of it.

  3. I love these eye shadows on you. You look gorgeous with your scarf.

  4. This looks absolutely beautiful on you.

  5. The eyeshadows look very good (and the eyeshadow-as-brow-shadow is a real winner), but your TF Moroccan Rouge and Nars 413 BLKR steal the show. Those colors do NOT look the same on me! They're perfect with your coloring.

  6. These Viseart palettes always tempt me, even though I rarely wear powder eyeshadow. They're just that beautiful! Love the mattes in this one especially.

  7. I just ordered the Cashmere palette. And I'm always confused about the whole "warm/cool" thing and where my coloring stands as well as complexion "undertones" even though I think I'm a fairly intelligent person! I looked at Tara's video and also loved the Minx. But I have a Chanel Spices 79 quad which will have to substitute for now - I think they are of the same tone, although Viseart is more pigmented. Also, bought the Hakuhodo 210 blush brush and it's amazing how much better it is than all the blush brushes I already have! A revelation, Gaia!

  8. you look fantastic cherie. i would only add a little bronzer (or very old school - Mac beauty powder) for warmth.

  9. everything looks parfait, perfect, your eyes, your lps , your base. you just need something to pull it all together, hence the bronzer suggestion. up to you of course. you are beautiful naturally! xxx


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