Monday, December 21, 2009

Dior 1 Colour Eye Shadow

I was a bit iffy about the new Dior eye shadows, the 1 Colour (1 Couleur) line. Stock photos looked too metalic and shiny, and I wasn't thrilled that the previous single eye shadows were being phased out. But it changed as soon as I got to the Dior counter and started playing with them. It became all about "which ones of you, beauties, are going home with me?".

The answer was 626 Beige Print and 566 Brown Fever.

Beige Print is definitely shimmery, but it's soft enough to be softly luminous, not Vegas-wear. It's a neutral color, with more than enough pigment to be worn alone. Paired with streamlined makeup in soft colors, this eye shadow can be worn easily during the day. Of course, you can also play it up for night. Brown Fever has a satin finish and no obvious shimmer. It's already a staple in my arsenal of easy to wear, no thinking required eye shadows.

Both colors are silky smooth and I fully understand why Dior chose to discontinue the previous formula. The texture of 1 Colour is superior and is worthy of any high-end makeup collection. There's absolutley no flaking, crumbling or creasing and the staying power over a primer is as good as can be- it's there until you remove it.

Bottom line: Which color should I buy next?

Dior 1-Colour Eye Shadows ($27.50) are availabl from Dior counters at most decent department stores and Sephora (some colors are online only). I've noticed there's limited stock and the stores run out quickly. I bought one at my local Bloomingdale's and ordered the other one online after testing in-store. Sephora seems to have the largest selection.

Photos by me.

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