Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Lipstick Queen- Jean Queen

Not a new one, but perfect for the season and any casual day. Jean Queen by Lipstick Queen is a sheer rose color that functions almost like a lip balm but gives a surprisingly saturated look. The swatch above is of a single swipe, which makes it a very satisfying little thing. It's perfect on the go, because the sheer formula is very forgiving and doesn't require a liner or a brush. Still, there's more than enough pigment for said casual look. You can build it a bit, but I wouldn't recommend applying more than two coats because of the very balmy texture.

Obviously, you don't buy Jean Queen for longevity. Lipstick Queen creator, Poppy King, has other options for that. Jean Queen is just a simple good lipstick that can go from the beach to a date night, and give you both color and a "good for you" feeling. The lipstick is unscented, not shimmery, and not sticky. It's hard to ask for more.

Bottom Line: A permanent resident of my purse.

Lipstick Queen- Jean Queen ($22, made in USA) is available from Barneys, Nordstrom, and Ulta, as well as directly from the company.


  1. Love. It's my "racing out of the house, zero time to think about color, etc." choice. Always.

  2. I came across this lipstick by chance. I was surprised how much I really like it and how easy it is to wear.
    I usually carry it in my purse , and use it during day time.
    My favorite for evening is a discontinued Tom Ford lipstick in a dark cranberry red color. ( I should have purchased duplicates ) Now I have to find a replacement .
    I will most likely repurchase Jean Queen lipstick again .

  3. My signature look is a simple eye and a bold lip. Jean Queen is a perfect 'my lips but better' lipstick for me. It's always in my purse for when bold lips just won't do.

  4. This is a constant in my lipstick wardrobe. Had one, then my daughter swiped it as she was moving away to go to college. Bought another. Daughter came home one summer and swiped yet another tube of this from me. When she graduated, she got a vacation to Europe from us and a tube of this lipstick from me. I guess you could say we are both fans of this color even though we have different coloring.

  5. This really is ideal as a permanent purse resident - it's perfect for "I didn't grab my lipstick before I left home" days because it goes with everything.


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