Monday, June 20, 2016

Sephora Collection Pro Featherweight Blending Brush #93

Sephora Pro brushes have long been a go-to line for great brushes that are easily available and are often as good if not better than many department store brushes. Over the years Sephora has updated and changed the Pro brushes, adding new shapes that work with current trends and popular products. Such is the case with the Featherweight Blending Brush #93 that was launched about two months ago.

Sephora Collection Pro Featherweight Blending Brush #93 is a super fluffy pointy brush with long tapered hair that's meant for use to apply and various powder products: heavily pigmented blushes that require a very light touch, highlighters (especially many of the most popular ones that act have a beacon effect), setting powders under the eye or adding a light veil of a glowing finishing powder, as well as for cleaning up excess powders, and blending the whole thing seamlessly without moving too much product around. That makes the #93 a multitasking superhero that has seen quite a bit of use since I received it.

This Sephora brush is related to Hakuhodo G5537, a brush that's become a favorite for me in the four years since it appeared on the market. The shape is not identical (Sephora is slightly longer and more tapered), but they're both very soft, lightly packed, and have a lot of give due to the length and no density. I use them interchangeably everywhere I need a feather-light touch of color or powder. For those looking for a vegan alternative to Hakuhodo's goat hair G5537, this is the answer.

Below you can also see a comparison to Hakuhodo's medium Yachiyo (pointed). It's only here because the size of the head is in a similar ballpark, and the Yachiyo is a magnificent blending tool. The goat hair head is denser and the length/shape of the Hakuhodo gives it more snap.

Bottom Line: a semi-essential.

Sephora Collection Pro Featherweight Blending Brush #93 ($30, made in China) is available at Sephora, in-store and online. I received the brush as part of a free press kit during last month's NYC Makeup Show.


  1. Speaking of Hakuhodo, they're in the midst of phasing out the old and introducing the new. Was happy I was able to snag a couple of the G544, which they seem to be replacing with J544 (not a duo fibre). Love the G544 because it makes cream blush last a lot longer on my face. The Yachiyo you have pictured is one of my faves too.

  2. If this is the case, then I think this is something worth checking out. I have heard so many good things about Sephora brushes and I think they are cheaper than other brands.

  3. Beautiful brush, but is not available in my country. Hakuhodo G5537 look similar to MAC 137 Long Blending Brush. I'm wondering how close they are.

  4. I love this brush, too! Other Sephora Pro brushes I've been loving lately: the Pro Featherweight Complexion Brush #90 (for blush) and Powder Brush #91 (for setting/finishing powder), and the Pro Press Full Coverage Complexion Brush #66 and Pro Press Full Coverage Precision Brush #67 (both wonderful for applying and contouring with cream foundations).

  5. It reminds me of the MAC 137 which I should probably use more!


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