Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Lorac Pro 3 Eye Shadow Palette- Part 2- The Shimmers

This is part two of my Lorac Pro 3 Eye Shadow Palette review. Last time we took a close look at the top row with all its beautiful and blendable matte shades. Today is about the bottom row, a nice collection of shimmery colors. They're all pretty with the typical Lorac Pro texture that's incredibly soft. They almost feel pliable, like loose dough, which means that you need very little product to get the full impact. Sense but soft lay-down brushes work the best, and I recommend adding them to an already "done" matte base, crease, and shape. The colors are a full range from luminous "bridal" ones to dark and smoky, so there are many interesting possibilities. However, my personal opinion is that Lorac's biggest triumph is in the matte colors.

Here's what we get here:

All swatches done dry with a MAC239 brush, which is a bit too stiff for regular application of these buttery eye shadows.

Light Gold. Pretty much that. On my skin it skews light rose gold.
Almond Pearl. A toasted version of the above.
Medallion. More brassy.
Light Pewter. A good crowd-pleaser, warmer than real pewter, kind of taupy.
Amethyst. Plummy copper. Less intense than in the pan, but still a scene stealer.
Rose Bronze. A classic.
Dark Mocha. Ditto. One color to rule them all and on the eyelid bind them.
Truffle. The least convincing of the bunch. The only way to get a good use of it in my opinion is used as an eyeliner with a damp brush, and nicely smoked out (though overblending doesn't work with these).

Bottom Line: This will probably be my summer default.

Lorac Pro 3 Eye Shadow Palette ($44) will be available online from Ulta on June 12th and in store June 26th. I bought mine during the Platinum members pre-sale event.


  1. Do you have any suggestions as to which specific brushes to use with these? I've been trying my MAC 239, which is my standard, but having a lot of issues with it. I almost gave up on the whole palette yesterday after trying to make Medallion work with it and having it turn out a patchy mess. Thank you!

    1. Hakuhodo S127 and S133 have been my go to with these.


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