Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow Palette 01 Moss Green

The last time I replenished my Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen (the Stila one is a very decent alternative, but dries up in about third of the time) I decided to live dangerously and also order the Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow Palette. These trios come in two colors, 01 Moss Green and 02 Brown. I hesitated a little before picking Moss Green, because unlike the pen, where the brown version is clearly for blondes and those with much warmer toned brows/hair, the powders seem more forgiving, and the brown palette has a taupe color that could have been a good fit. In the end, I decided to trust Suqqu and assume that the palettes correspond with the pens. Maybe I could have pulled off 02 Brown, but why risk it?

Each palette has three colors: two brow powders, and something they call a "blending powder", which if I understand correctly, is to be used if you need to lighten or add some warmth to the brow powders. I admit that I don't use it for this purpose, but it makes as an occasional eye shadow base if I can't be bothered with anything else. There are also two semi-usable brow tools: a stiff angled brush and a fluffy brush (for said blending). They're too small for precision work in my abnormally large hands, but they work for travel, I guess.

All three powders are of fantastic quality. The warm beige blending powder is fine enough to perform as an eye shadow (I've recently discovered it works well in the crease). The brow powders are a cool-toned dark brown and that excellent hybrid of gray-green and and brown. I mix both and call it a day. The super-fine powder clings nicely  to the hair and adds some texture as well as fills in the gaps. When I use this (or any other high-quality brow powder) I find that I can usually skip brow gel, unless I'm going for the full effect and need my brows to survive a long day. The powder and the pen do work together well, though. Since the tail of both my brows is oddly short, I can use the pen to judiciously add a hint of length (carefully, since my brow bone really ends nearby and I'm trying to avoid the downward pointing look), and the powder to make everything blend together naturally. The result is as good as it gets, and is extremely durable.

Bottom Line: now if we could only get Suqqu directly here in the US.

Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow Palette 01 Moss Green is available in Selfridge's (£38.00, made in Japan), if you're lucky enough to live in the UK (their international shipping charges are insane, unless you order your weight in stuff). You can also order through, which charges an eye-watering markup (¥8350 JPY, which is around $88). Seriously, can someone strike a deal with the brand and bring it here?


  1. I love SUQQU cosmetics so much. Every time my husband travels to Tokyo for business, I give him a list of items I'd like for him to bring back. Of course, he doesn't bring back everything I want. For a while the exchange rate was very good, but now it's edging up and even buying them in Tokyo they are becoming even more expensive. I have the brow pen, but have never tried the powders because the on-line swatches seem different depending on which blogger is showcasing them.

  2. Like any other brand, there are hits and misses, but in general, SUQQU is outstanding. I especially like the eyeshadows and lipsticks. Lately, a number of US bloggers have been featuring the same eyeshadow palette sent compliments of SUQQU. I'm hoping that is an indication that they are considering establishing a presence here in the US. I think they'd do quite well here as there are so many of us who have traveled abroad and have experienced the excellence that is SUQQU. Between international blogs and first hand testimonials, I'm sure a lot of women would like to give it a go.

  3. I bought the pen in moss green from Selfridge's and seems to be lasting a long time and is a great product. Granted, I alternate with the Clinique skinny eyebrow pencil in soft brown, but the pen still hasn't dried out in over a year. The Stila pen is close, but not exactly the same color on the brows. Yeah, I wish some US retailer would sell SUQQU here too without the markup. I want to try that brow powder, but I can't seem to want to order from overseas again.

  4. Gaia, IZ ME FAVORITEST brow product. I also like the pen very much, but for ease of application for me, I love the middle shade of this palette.

  5. I got mine years ago at Selfridges and the Sales Assistant told me the blending shade was for contouring your nose with the fluffy brush. Apparently it's to define the arch and make nosee look thinner. I've not tried this and use it as an eyeshadow.

    The brushes are really great, the best included-in palette brushes I've seen.


  6. Sigh. SUQQU products look so wonderful, yet I've never had a chance to try them. Some day I'll order my weight in stuff ;) from Selfridge's. Till then, I'll drool over your (and Belly's) images and reviews.

  7. Brilliant! I've been using the mossy green from the Chanel Intuition quad, augmented with touches of gray pencil as needed, but it doesn't lend itself to precision. Yes, wish these were available here, or that a brand that was available here would make a good mossy green brow product. ~~nozknoz


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