Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lorac Take Me To TANtego Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil Set

My next eye pencil post is going to be a massive multi-brand multi-color thing, with about ten pencils from a wide range of places. Today, however, we're looking at a cute summery set from Lorac, Take Me To TANtego, featuring their Front of the Line gel eyeliner pencils. The three colors n the set, Antique Gold, Rose Bronze, and Teal are limited edition seasonal shades and cannot be purchased individually, so that was enough of an incentive to go for it. Also, each Lorac pencil is priced at $20, while the set of three full size liners was $30.

I was looking at the box to see where Lorac manufactured these liners (their products seem to come from all over the globe). The packaging said "Assembled in the US of US and non-US materials", which is the biggest cop-out and also very annoying. But as I looked at the pencils themselves they say very clearly "Made in Korea", and I'm all about Korean cosmetics, so it's all good.

Gel pencils are fun and very gentle on sensitive lids. They glide smoothly with no tagging or pulling, and tend to set quickly and stay put once dry. This is definitely the case here, even if these LORAC From of the Line pencils do not win the 56 hour award (and that's a good thing and a story I'll tell you in my next eyeliner post). It's more than enough that they don't smudge or melt in summer humidity, and maintain their complex color.

See below if you're curious about my bracelet

Speaking of which. You know that the teal pencil was a major bait for me. It's darker than I had anticipated, and has an almost blackened base, making it an excellent color for dramatic lining. It's not bright in any way, and those of you who are curious about teal eye makeup but worry it can look too much for the office have nothing to worry here. Rose Bronze and Antique Gold are pretty true to their names. On my skin the differences between the two are more in line of which leans warmer (Antique Gold), and not so dramatic as to create a completely different look. Both have a substantial amount of shimmer, so if you're a contact lens wearer I'd hesitate to tightline or place them on the waterline. It works for me, though, and I like the effect I get when  I overload my lower lash line with Antique Gold and smudge it quickly (very quickly. It sets in no time). All three colors are great for lining, for use as a base for a powder eye shadow, or just by themselves for a quick and dirty smoky eye.

Lorac  Front of the Line pencils are self twisting and come with a tiny shaper to make the tip more tapered and sharp (similar to NARS pencils, for example). I can never get them to be super sharp, but they're not really meant to be, so it's all good.

Bottom Line: Worth the time and money.

Lorac Take Me To TANtego Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil Set ($30, made in Korea) is available from Ulta.

The bracelet with the kitten charm you see above came all the way from Ireland. Some of you might know the very talented makeup artist Siobhán McDonnell of the YouTube channel LetzMakeup. I've been a fan for years, which is why I wanted to support her when she recently ventured into jewelry-making. Siobhán  is also a cat person, so the choice was obvious. She sells her creations on Etsy and ships worldwide, which is where I bought the sterling silver (marked 925) bracelet. I'm not affiliated with Siobhán or her store, and paid full price for my purchase. The link is for your convenience only


  1. Had not heard of Siobhan McDonnell before, but am now an instant and complete fan. Thanks so much for the link to her Etsy store! Love your bracelet and her necklaces are also absolutely brilliant.

  2. Your bracelet is beautiful and sophisticated. I detect also a Kitty scratch, same as mine! Big hugs from Greece!

  3. That bracelet is exquisite and now I've subscribed to her youtube channel. Thanks! I also need those eye pencils like I need a hole in the head but for some reason they are really appealing to me right now. I feel an Ulta trip coming on!

  4. The way trade now works, 'assembled in xxx' is actually a more relevant label, as very few things are 'made' anywhere anymore. Components can come from anywhere, like an Ipad, where China is actually just assembling the thing, and much of its hardware come from elsewhere (mostly southeast Asia) and its software, design, etc from the US. So China is contributing a small amount of labor only, and I actually think it is misleading to label them 'made in China'.

    Anyway, don't mean to quibble, just commenting on the label, which will probably be more common in the future...

  5. First, I would have never given those eye pencils a second look and now I must have them, all of them. I'll be taking a trip to the store tomorrow.

    Second, the jewelry is unique and will be a great Christmas or birthday gift for my friend. Thank you for both ideas!

  6. This sort of reminds me of MAC pearlglide liner in industrial, but with different amounts of sparkle vs black base. Thanks for the swatch!


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