Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Currently- July 2016

It was either posting the image above or the Facebook meme announcing that 2016 has been cancelled for being too dysfunctional.  As I've learned from my lovely reader Eileen, perspective, joy, and appreciating each day for all its gifts is the key to the kind of life I wish for myself and everyone else. So, it's the July 1916 garden, blooming roses, a yellow dress, and not complaining about plagues, real and metaphoric.

I've started reading or rereading a dozen books in the last couple of weeks, I just can't finish anything. Not a single chapter. I need something light and enticing. In short sentences. Maybe with pictures of kittens.

On Dead waves- Blue Inside. The entire album is fantastic.

My attention span and The Plague are preventing the husband and me from binge watching the entire last season of Orphan Black that we've been hoarding on the DVR. This series was meant for binging, I think, because it's so confusing otherwise. And can I tell you how happy I am that Tatiana Maslany got an Emmy nomination? It's not that I'm not seriously rooting for Keri Russell, but Tatiana is beyond awesome.

Each and every one of my fig perfumes, especially the greener or woodier ones. I'm starting to think there are not enough of them. I have very little to add to my 2012 Fig Perfume List. It's not right.

I've rearranged some of my free-form and MAC palette by transferring them into larger cases. It's been very inspiring. Now I just need for my face to depuff and my eyes to stop watering and it's all good.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
In my current state there's very little to talk about. But I'm antsy to feel better and wear some of my pretty summer dresses. Or anything free of cat hair, really.

Last week everyone was cheering for Jennifer Aniston and her Huffington Post op-ed. As someone who chose to be child-free I could certainly agree with many of the points she made. People near and far spent years doing a uterus watch, speculating, warning me about my shriveling ovaries and generally being disrespectful. Jen has gone through that multiplied by the entire free world population, and unlike in my case, it didn't stop once she turned forty. The thing is, that's only one part of the story. Lainey from Lainey Gossip has a slightly different view that's worth reading, even if you disagree with her.

Fresh figs and peanut butter. Not together, but never say never.

This is remaining a No Bane Zone even if it kills me (which it probably will).

Visits from the local raccoon family (I leave them food on the deck). Also, these faces:

Gloria and Georgie

Gloria and Georgie, again


The kittens are learning to climb up and down the stairs, which hopefully means that I'll get my dressing room back for myself soonish. It'll be nice.

A full bottle of Le Feu d'Issey. I might as well wish for a unicorn.

Random Thought
Random photo, actually. First Lady Grace Coolidge and her pet raccoon, Rebecca:

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?


  1. Book
    Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine (reading it for the second time)

    This oldie has been much on my mind lately - Ecbo Beach by Martha and the Muffins

    After UEFA Euro maratho over, I have chosen sitting on our balcony instead.

    Have been very much into scents with jasmine note in them, either in a leading or a supporting role: Drama Nuuï. Folavril...

    OPI Paint My Moji-toes Red on nails, MAC My Inner Femme on lips.

    Found a pair of Blundstone 500 boots on -50% sale, have wanted them for decades, and after watching The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for the nth time recently, I was reminded of their existence. On my day off I popped into a shop that sells them and there were three pairs, luckily also one in my size.

    Going to the countryside for a couple of days and swimming in a lake at least three times a day.

  2. Have you sampled Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze? It's one of my favorite fig perfumes with just a slight bitterness to offset the sweet, but the whole effect is very smooth. Lasts forever too. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Books, started many, finished none. Maybe if a book was published in a blog form, a little bit each day, I might get through one. But at the moment sustained reading is not happening.
    Music, whatever my trainer decides to play while he's trying to whip me into shape in the gym.
    TV- Watched Orphan Black with my daughter since Dear Husband gave up on it. I have to remind myself that it's just one actress. Also watched a Netflix show called "River" about a detective in London. Also "Occupied" which is terrifying in it's potential for actually occuring. It's about Norway being invaded by Russia over petroleum.
    Perfume - Loving samples of D.S.& Durga Debaser, Neela Vermeire Ashoka and P d'E Azemour.
    Bane - Having to drive 2+ hours each way to visit and check on my retired/lame horse because board like all housing in my area has become astronomically expensive.
    Joy - Getting to see and spend time with my horse. Knowing that she is much happier in an inexpensive, irrigated, large, green pasture than in a box stall with a small, dirt paddock.

  4. Book
    I'm having the same issue. I can't start or finish anything right now, due to...well, you know. But I'm currently attempting a go at "Black Diamonds" by Catherine Bailey.

    I'm really enjoying a 90s dancehall station I made on Pandora.

    Not TV, but I'm excited to see "Suicide Squad" when it comes out.

    Lots and lots of vintage Miss Dior and vintage Caleche these days. And anything smelling of monoi. And everything orange blossom and neroli. I recently picked up a bottle of the baby cologne my mother and grandmother used on me as a small child, and it's so much more complex than I recall: a mossy, spiced orange blossom that's a joy to splash on at night before bed.

    I should probably dig into the piles of BNIB stuff I have...especially Chanel Fall. I'm really all about cheap thrills these days though, or cheapish thrills: the new UD lipsticks, all of the wonderful new Maybelline and L'Oreal items. I'm waiting on the Morphe 35OS palette that D bought me as a gift after being forced to suffer through hours of me watching and re-watching Tati's video on it.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
    H&M really hit it out of the ballpark this summer with their clothes; I bought so much and I'm tickled pink by the quality of it all. I've received so many compliments! Summer clothing is hard for me and I'm happy to find clothes that are comfortable but pretty enough for work and date nights.

    French toast. And fresh hummus.

    Well, you know... =/

    The weekends. August on the horizon, meaning that summer will be over soon. Pedicures.

    Well, I'm hoping D and I can go to the Jaga Jazzist show at LPR next week! And I always, always look forward to the weekend. I also have a lot of packages arriving this week and next week. =)

    Well, excluding my ever-growing eBay watch list, I do want that Smashbox Lighting Theory palette. I'd also love a facial.

    Random Thought
    Why aren't there affordable lunch options in Soho?!

  5. Book: "Vanished" by Kendra Elliot

    Music: A lot of Spanish guitar. It seems to go with the decidedly Mediterranean weather we've been having.

    TV: Mr. Robot. I'm late to the party and am still working my way through the first season. Also, America's Got Talent--a summertime favorite.

    Perfume: Le Muguet de Rosine or Jasmin Rouge. Both are light and delicate on me. When it gets hot, I want something simple, light, and redolent of flowers.

    Makeup: Nothing special. Perhaps a bit more neutral than usual with more satin-matte finishes.

    Frequently worn: The necklace and ring my husband bought me for my birthday.

    Food: It's all about the salads for me with a bit of rice and kabob thrown in for my husband.

    Bane: Nada!

    Joy: Playing with the dogs. They've got so much energy, they keep me fit :-)

    Anticipation: Autumn! Yes, I know it's not even August yet, but it is the promise of autumn that keeps me going through the dog days of summer.

    Wishlist: Some time to travel. We've been terribly busy on the home front just lately and it's been ages since with gone out of town. Beautiful Kyoto keeps whispering my name.

    Random thought: Whatever shall we do for a good laugh once the election is over?

    1. Eileen...hopefully we'll have something to laugh about instead of wringing our hands...

  6. Clothes, makeup: Light, cotton, pastel, floating - that's my theme for this July. And as far as makeup goes, am experimenting a lot more with eye makeup these days as last week I woke up one morning with a sudden compulsion to do something radical. By that afternoon I had a radically short haircut (the safest radical thing I could think of doing that wouldn't cause consternation for DH or the fur babies). I actually do love the feel of it and, when I've got it fixed, the look of it, but who knew that such ultra fine, thin, normally bone straight hair could have so absurdly many cowlicks? Ugh! For hair this short, it requires an unexpected amount of styling and care. Anyway, my eyes seem more on display, so am enjoying playing with different shadows, pencils, etc.

    Perfume: It's not just my hair that is exhibiting an independent streak, but my nose as well. I've found, much to my dismay, that several vintage scents I've worn and adored for years somehow are not working their magic for me any longer. The bottles are fine, my skin chemistry is the same, but it's just these particular perfumes I've somehow fallen out of love with. I'm hoping/trusting this will pass. And SL Mandarine Mandarin, which I once absolutely detested, is now a very frequent go to scent for me, especially in this heat.

    TV/Joy: The Great British Baking Show - such a wonderfully pleasant, sane escape on TV.

    Reading: Minimal time for real reading right now, but have been working through a large stack of Spanish Vogues that I had given up for lost and then found recently when searching for a scared and extremely well hidden cat during a thunderstorm. As as aside, in order to calm our own completely illogical sense of panic when searching for two of our cats who are particularly brilliant at hiding in the most ingenious places, we ordered tracking devices for those two cats from the UK (Tabcat - not sure why they don't sell them in the US). We just got them yesterday and if these two children like them, we'll get them for all the others as well (am always terrified that one of them will somehow get out the front door). The downside is the size of the tabs, but, so far, the kids don't seem to mind them, but we need to give them more time wearing them. DH is certainly having a blast tracking them all over the house.

    And thanks for the kitten pics! Always a joy to see! :-) And love that photo of Grace Coolidge and Rebecca. Raccoons have such tremendous personalities.

  7. I sampled a gorgeous fig scent that would be a wonderful addition: Issara by Dusita

  8. Book: The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. I'm not always a huge fan of...what would you call this...distopic fantasy? But this one has a compelling concept (I won't give it away) and a really good narrative voice. I'm looking forward to the second and third books in the series.

    Music: Anything on my iPhone while walking. Walking and music, walking and music, can't get enough right now. (I live in an icy place where no walking takes place outdoors in winter, so I'm doing as much as I can while I can.)

    TV: The RNC. I don't know why I'm watching it so compulsively; I guess I'm not depressed enough already.

    Perfume: Just received a new big pot of Roxana Villa/Illuminated Perfume GreenWitch, which I have loved since it first appeared. Right now I'm wondering why I ever wear anything else.

    Makeup: I'm not a fan of Trish McEvoy cosmetics (long story), but I recently fell hard for her Instant Solutions Beauty Balm SPF 35 (or whatever it's called). I have very dry skin, and any other time of year this product would be death for me. But in the humid weather we're having, it's amazing. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. But I wouldn't recommend it sight unseen--it's an odd product, matte but luminizing at the same time, and definitely not something my dry/old skin can tolerate on non-humid days if I don't want to look 100 years old.

    Frequently worn: Totally empathize with your wish for non-cat hair-covered clothes. I work from home and frequently (aka only) wear gray to camouflage the cat hair. I'm sick of gray.

    Food: Carrots and hummus.

    Bane: Not enough time.

    Joy: Summer!

    Not-So-Random Thought: Loved the Lainey link. Very good point.


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