Monday, July 25, 2016

FotD: An Attempt at Matte Yet Luminous

I owe you several FotD photos, from creating a look with that gorgeous YSL eye shadow palette to the Charlotte Tilbury one. I have quite a few thoughts about the latter, but I'll need to recreate and actually take photos of the understated look I've done with it, because I was just not feeling well enough to commemorate the moment. What I do have today is a summer-in-the-city-resistant look, attempting to maintain a certain degree of luminosity while staying matte and not over-tempting the fates. It survived dinner, so that's something.

Laura Mercier Protect Primer (because there was still some light outside when I left the house).
YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in B50.
Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB, which I'm really loving, but find that the best way to apply it is by putting some on the back of my hand and collecting with the desired brush. The doe-foot sponge applicator is too large and it's hard to control the amount of product otherwise.
Shiseido setting powder.

MAKE primer.
Canvas and Clay from Lorac Pro 3 palette, in the most simple and non-fussy placement, a bit in the crease and some over the lid pulling outwards. I used one brush for both (Paula Dorf Sheer Crease).
YSL Effet Faux Cils Shocking eyeliner pen, mostly as a very thin line with the slightest widening at the outer edge.
Chanel Le Volume mascara plus a tiny partial strip of lashes just at the outer corner (the Lisa Eldridge technique).

A quick and light touch of Clinique Just Browsing in 03 Deep Brown.

I applied a lot more highlighter than I normally would, using Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Skin Liquid Highlighting. It's the liquid version of Candlelight, and my skin seems to eat it, no matter if I use it under, over or mixed with foundation. So I've used it generously on what would have been my cheekbones if I had any. I tried changing light source while taking photos (see below), and you can see below that I still don't glow to high heaven. I'm either doing it right or completely wrong, depending on your Instagram school of thought.
Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson Color of Youth cream blush (limited edition. I think it's still available on Charlotte's own website).

Chanel Aqua Crayon in 02 Cognac (I thought it was a discontinued color, but looks like Macy's still has it. The color is reasonably close to Cinnamon). I used it all over the lips as a base and for definition.
NARS Overheated Lip Cover.

Other Stuff
SotNight was Histoires de Parfums 1989 Moulin Rouge.
Dress: DVF
Vintage earrings (an estate sale find. They sort of look like tulips, which I've found irresistible). I've been asked about my earrings collection, and yes, it's all clip-ons and screw-backs, about 90% vintage or antique, with a couple of more modern designer ones. I've taught myself how to fix and doctor them, how to add comfort grips (YouTube is amazing for jewelry tutorials), but sometimes no matter what, some pairs are less comfortable than others. I've mostly gotten used to it.


  1. Actually, I'm ready for soft, satin-matte products with a real-skin glow and the major makeup houses seem to be in agreement. After a few years of glitter, metallics, and over-the-top spotlighting, it is a refreshing change. The big shift for me occurred when I purchased Guerlain's LE spring Voyage compact. I know it sounds egotistical, but if I had a dollar for every time someone told me what beautiful skin I had, I'd be a rich woman! :-). In any event, matte is no longer necessarily a flat, dull, and chalky look. Of course, there are still many of the old matte formulas out there that do, indeed, look dry and just sit on the surface of the skin, but the newer mattes, demi-mattes, and satin-mattes have dimension and a subtle luminosity that comes from diffusing light as opposed to adding shimmer. Bonus points: The new mattes seem to hold up well in heat and humidity and have a cooler look overall. During the dog days of summer, too much shimmer and shine just makes us look hot and sweaty!

  2. I adore you earrings and was going to ask about them before I saw the bottom of your post. They are very chic and the makeup is beautiful as always!

  3. Love the skin, but the lip is to light for you.


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