Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lady Gaga- Eau de Gaga

One way to cope with an oppressive heatwave is to perfume yourself with dignified summer colognes. There are all those beautiful classics such Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta, the various Guerlain eaux,  Dior Eau Suave, Chanel eau de Cologne, or Goutal Eau d'Hadrien (vintage, please). Their crispness and clean refreshing citrus notes seem like the only hope for our sweaty reality. One can also wear Eau de Gaga.

 The note list is vague: violet, lime, leather,wood notes. The Gaga imagery that came along with this 2014 release included a lot of naked male skin, and  the celebrity scent concept is so tired and boring that Eau de Gaga seemed to have headed straight to the discounters. It didn't sound or look like anything in particular, let alone a summer cheap thrill, but here we are.

Everything about Eau de Gaga (also known as Eau de Gaga 001, meaning that maybe there are/were plans for sequels) is fake. The violet, the leather, even the citrus bite in the opening. But it's fun, and the part that completely got me (and led to a ridiculous visit to a depressing TJ Maxx location) is a crisp and brisk tea note, slightly sweetened with a hint of summer berries. Ok, maybe embracing the undignified state of being here and drinking a tall glass of powdered iced tea, but I swear that served with enough ice in a nice packaging I can almost see that beautiful front porch with an old swing and a little sitting area, complete with a floral patterned tablecloth.

Longevity of Eau de Gaga is remarkable, which I attribute to whatever was used here to create the leather-not-leather note. It smells more like all the stuff on said front porch baking in the sun, so not exactly an Hermes boutique, but in this heat who has the energy to care? It works.

I'm not sure what's  Eau de Gaga's suggested retail price these days, but bottles can be had for less than $20. Back when it launched in Europe the smallest size was priced around £25, as we can learn from this ridiculous Glamour UK write up.


  1. Isn't Eau De Gaga great! I bought it last Summer but wear it all year long. I only bought a small bottle but after reading this I think I better go out and buy a large size as a back up.

  2. I found Eau de Gaga a few month ago, sprayed it, fell in love with the Earl Grey vibe and promptly bought a few bottles for 5€ each. Longevity is not the best for me, but I spray it with abandon in the sweltering heat we have over here (105F). I assumed it was discontinued. And oh my, that Glamour article!

  3. OK, I confess I never would have thought to stop and try this one for even a second, but am now about to get a bottle online unsniffed (basically zero risk given that I found one for a shockingly low price). It sounds lovely in this scorching heat. And since you mentioned a floral patterned tablecloth am now also rethinking one that I saw last week in a nearby store in our town. It matches nothing else in our home, but it was so lovely I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and it might actually match Eau de Gaga. OK, no logic there, but I'm needing some sort of excuse and even the most flimsy one will do. Maybe I could find an inexpensive table for our back porch to put the tablecloth on and wear Eau de Gaga and drink iced tea. Yes, am feeling the need for some shopping therapy.

  4. I am impressed and have just bought it unsniffed for a very low price!

  5. Thanks everyone, I also found a shockingly low-priced bottle (with a small shower gel :)) on TJM's clearance shelf. First sniff is too unisex for my preferences, but I am along for the ride, so I just may treat my coworkers tomorrow.

    Bloomington, IN


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