Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fashion Notes

Last Tuesday I attended two fashion trade shows in Manhattan. The first one was all about menswear, the second was mostly denim. Both were interesting. I can't say that I spotted any revolutinary trend or have a big scoop, but clothes are always fun. Two things of note: I was happy to see that color is continuing to be big in men's clothes. I've always loved Paul Smith's designs, and the last couple of years have seen colorful stripes everywhere. It looks like more and more designers are offering their take on this look.

When it comes to denim, skinny jeans are here to stay. I'm happy about this this, as I wouldn't want to retire my Harlans any time soon. Fortunately for skinny haters, this is not the only option available. There are still enough bootcuts and I even spotted a flare or two.

(Photo is of a Paul Smith designed mini from 1998)

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