Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Two Classics

I haven't used black eye liner in ages, though at any given time I can find several of those in my makeup collection. Just in case. So in honor of the Great Eye Liner Hunt, I decided to get back to two of the classics, both made by Lancôme.

Artliner is the closest I get to using a liquid liner. It's a liquid pen with a felt tip that lets even someone with my questionable skills to draw a precise, thin line. It requires just a little practice before getting the desired result of a very thin and even line, as close to my upper lashes as one could hope for.

Application is relatively a breeze, resulting in a look that doesn't fade or smudge and keeps all day. The color is very black, which for me requires a swipe of a dark brown or charcoal shadowover it for a daytime look. At night I'm willing to let it be, but a touch of Smasbox Eye Illusion can make things very interesting. Since even with a black liner, which is normally not my favorite, the look is very pretty, I think I'll have to try Artliner in brown and in Smoke, especially with the big comeback that the liquid liner look is making, according to pictures from the runways.

The blackness is the only thing standing in my way to falling completely in love with Lancôme's other classic, Le Crayon Kôhl. It's a great pencil, very creamy and easy to glide on the lid, doesn't smudge unless you really want it to, stays put all day and all night without fading or creasing (and would probably last through the night if you don't take careful care while cleaning your face. Lancôme's Bi-Facil is good for this task). This pencil is so high quality that I'm curious to try it in almost every other color (I'd skip the aqua, though). I wish they had an adequate substitution to the dearly departed Clinique charcoal brown.

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