Saturday, July 29, 2006

Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum and Jasmine

Two of the fragrance I've been tested lately are creations of Keiko Mecheri. The first, Loukhoum, was a love at first sniff which resulted in a full bottle. A few months ago I might not have been swept off my feet so completely, but things have changed since my love affair with almond and vanilla has begun. Loukhum is a more complex gourmand in the same category as Lea Extreme. It feels more layered, less linear, but the vanilla-almond-musk base is similar- beautiful, warm and comforting. It has a very good staying power and is highly recommended to anyone who is a Lea fan or has a sweet tooth in general.

My love for Loukhoum made my disappointment with Keiko's Jasmine very bitter. Jasmine can be a problem for me, especially if it's sharp or too much on the green side. It's probably a matter of wonky skin chemistry, but I haven't worn anything that smelled so cheap in many, many years. I felt like a freak. Here's a much revered fragrance by a skilled perfumer whom I've learned to really really like, but my body has turned the noble jasmine into something that might have been manufactured by Glade. What's wrong with me?

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