Sunday, July 30, 2006

New for Fall: Fins

The other day I was shopping in the city, full of good intention to get a head start on my fall wardrobe. I went into the Anthropologie store on 5th Avenue, where I frequently find interesting pieces. I never wear Anthropologie from head to toe, because it can give one the unfortunate look of an art teacher on crack. But I love pairing their skirts with a simple J. Crew white t-shirt or a frilly, lacy top with skinny jeans, under a well-cut Tahari jacket.

One of the first items I spotted that day was a denim pencil skirt. I had this vision of wearing this skirt with a snug red or white cashmere sweater and a pair of red Manolos. I grabbed the skirt and a few other items and headed downstairs to the (perpetually poorly lit) fitting rooms.

The picture doesn't show the really nice, feminine cut of the skirt or the beautiful, modern denim wash. You can't see all the details that make it pretty, but notice that unlike most other denim skirts it doesn't have a fly-front or the common 5-pocket cut. Instead, it has an a-symmetric button placket (not very convenient, but forgivable) and adjustable D-rings tightening the waist (very cute).

The only problem: the side pockets have ruffles sticking from them. You can't see it in the picture and it isn't noticeable until you put the skirt on. But the second you finish re-buttoning the front you realize that your hips are sprouting something that looks exactly like fins.

Now, I'm a size zero and even then I often have to get skirts taken in, because they're too roomy at the hip. Still, I have no wish to draw any special attention to that area. I don't even want to think how grotesque these fins look on someone a bit wider than me. Who is the designer responsible for this monstrosity and what was he/she thinking?

As far as I'm concerned, this skirt is unwearable. So I'm still searching for the perfect little denim skirt, with a lady-like cut and button front. Any tips to where I can get it would be highly appreciated.

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