Friday, June 29, 2007

My Love Affair With Bronzers

After giving up on finding a self-tanner for face that would delight both me and my skin, I've been rocking the bronzers. I was always a fan and have several good ones at hand: There's my trusted Paula Dorf that I use year-round and is excellent in bringing color to sallow winter skin and keep me from looking like this:

There's Dallas for a nice, tanned look that is just right for summer days. It's not shimmery and is always appropriate. I also have a compact of Besame Cosmetics Boudoir Rouge in Sun Kissed, which gives a warm glow. I wore it for nights out during the winter, since it's a bit deeper than the Paula, but that's just me. It works just as well for summer days.

All that has left me in need for summer nights mega-watts bronzing action. Something that goes well with tropical makeup and a tuberose perfume. I found it in Tarte's Mineral Powder Bronzer in a color unfortunately named "Hotel Heiress". That's as bronze as you can get, with a nice wearable shimmer.

It requires a light hand and a good brush, goes nicely all over the face, cleavage and shoulders and looks fabulous. It never fails to get me compliments from men and women: Not on the makeup but on my lovely tan. This bronzer definitely lives up to the promise of making one look like she's just came back from an island vacation.

A couple of months ago I had my sister try it. Her skin tone is several degrees lighter than mine (no trace of olive in her complexion. She's quite pale, actually), but this same bronzer looked great on her. She looked like she's just spent a month in the Caribbeans, and came back very tanned and very happy. It's worth trying even if you're Snow White.

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