Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

If writing about perfume is hard because it's so subjective, skincare reviews are even harder. First, because testing new products and incorporating them into my regular regimen takes thought and planning, but also because the skin is such a temperamental organ that the way some cream act on it varies greatly between people. Sort of like skin chemistry and scent, but with the added risk of getting an ugly rash.

A good example is my beloved Secret de Vie. I can't say enough good things about this cream. However, a person who is allergic to scented products might find himself/herself with an itchy face. Just as not everything that works on someone else- a blogger or a reader- guarantees that my face won't end up breaking out.

Which is why I'm happy to have the Blond as my co-tester (the cats' fuzzy faces are pretty useless for such things).

I don't have any serious or even semi-serious wrinkles other than two lines on my forehead that are a result of inheriting my father's facial expression (instead of getting his height, I ended up with his frowny forehead and flat feet). They seem to be a blinking sign that says "Coming Soon: Botox". Still, I'm definitely interested in products that provide some wrinkle-fighting goodness.

The Blond is a different story. His fair skin has suffered quite a bit sun damage in his youth and early twenties. He has frown lines and crows feet, and very visible laugh lines around his eyes.

I wasn't familiar with the iQ Derma line until the package landed at my door. The products promise cutting edge technology and some of the ingredients seem to be among those highly recommended in modern skincare (hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, for example). We tested two products: SkinTensive - Daily Facelift Treatment and RestorEyes - Firming Eye Therapy.

SkinTensive is a serum that promises a Botox-like effect. This is where testing skincare can get dicey. This one stings. Really bad. The blond's face felt the burning effect for hours after application. Mine also became blotchy and red, so obviously I'm too sensitive for this. I tried it twice, which is definitely not enough to judge or to get any long-term results. The Blond refused to ever try it again after that first application.

The good news is that the eye cream is awesome. It promises immediate results and it actually delivers. I tried it a few times and found it pleasant and effective on puffy eyes. The Blond has been using it daily and we both can see an improvement in his skin texture. The deeper lines are still there, but the under eye area appears to be more clear and the skin is smoother. Pretty impressive and definitely worth a try.


  1. They offer a free sample for the cost of s/h only. However, the site does not say how to cancel so that product shipments do not start, if you do not want it. I saw one complaint online re this. Any thoughts re this?

  2. It burns?? Is that how it dewrinkles by inflaming the skin with slight swelling to fill in the trenches? Sounds terrible..
    I am tired of their "Simulated" imagery too of its affects. Should be deemed false advertising. But if it burns, to me its a no no.


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