Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'll stick to bronzers, thank you

In an effort to bring life back to my poor face that has suffered one of those nasty summer colds that refuse to leave one's body, I decided to try a couple of things that shine and brighten. I'm sticking to my resolution of no more sun, so a real tan was out of the question. The next best thing was supposed to be a self tanner.

I've been keeping my legs on the golden side of things with Jergens, but for my face I chose to try two Clarins products. After all, they are highly regarded, and I'm pretty fond of their high quality, always nice smelling products.

I had samples of two self tanners. One is the Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint for face and décolleté. The problem with this one was the tint: Its "rich, tropical color" was just wrong for my skin tone, and looked less like a tinted moisturizer and more like weird, yellowish goop. I ended up wiping it off before it had a chance to develop in either color or scent, so I can't comment on either. If your skin tone is somewhat similar to mine, this is probably not the right product for you.

The second sample was of their Self Tanning Instant Gel for face and body. The little tube wouldn't have been enough for even one leg, so I only tried it on my face. I have to raise my eyebrow at the claim for instant action. It took a couple of applications for the color to make an appearance on my face, and when it did I wasn't all that impressed. It wasn't bad (or orange), but it looked a tad too yellow, like a faded tan with a side of jaundice. Not exactly the healthy glow I was so desperately seeking.

Another not-so-good thing about this product is that it did some pore clogging. Nothing too awful and I can't be 100% sure that it was the Instant Gel, but I'm not repeating this little experiment.


  1. I have used the Jergens products on my legs and my face. I bought a lighter shade (the one specifically for faces) for my face, while I picked the darker for my legs. I am very happy with both, although I need the darker tones for my face. I was afraid of looking orange, but I don't have that look at all!


  2. Allie- I'm glad that you like Jergens. It's definitely a great product, as my legs are proving daily. I'm about to go for a darker shade. The medium has run its course for me.


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