Thursday, June 07, 2007

From Sweden With Love

I'm always in the market for unique, handmade jewelry, which is why Modish is a very dangerous web site. The artists and designers they feature are interesting and talented, and their creations re a very far-cry from what you'd find at your local craft fair.

My latest discovery is Sägen Butik from Sweden. The designer, Elin Sigrén, makes beautiful jewelry from pieces of vintage Swedish porcelain. Some of the patterns are modern, 70s style. Others are classic, like the stuff you might find in your grandma's china cabinet. All of them are pretty, one-of-a-kind and very wearable. I already bought a ring and a necklace in a green leaf pattern (different than the one in the picture, but it gives the idea), and I plan on buying more.

Elin ships internationally and accepts payment through PayPal. I received my items within a week. The shipping confirmation email was in Swedish, which left me a bit worried, because for all I could tell it could have been the lyrics to an Abba song. But all is well and I'm wearing my new jewelry as I'm typing this. Check out the moose necklace. It's adorable.

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