Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Benefit You Rebel and You Rebel Lite Tinted Moisturizer

I've been all about minimal coverage lately, especially after I worked my way through a couple of You Rebel samples. It's exactly what you'd expect a tinted moisturizer to be: light, kind to your face and give an even finish. The added SPF 15 is definitely a bonus.

Once I was done with the samples and ready to buy a tube, I discovered (the hard way) that You Rebel comes in two colors, regular and light. Surprisingly enough, the one I loved and have used for weeks was the Light. Doesn't make any sense, if you consider my complexion is anything but porcelain. However, you can't argue with the facts: Light melted right into my skin and looked nice and natural, while the regular one made me look related to George Hamilton.

Adding just a drop of the regular You Rebel to a normal dose of Light was perfect in the summer, but now I'm back to just Light. It works well with most primers, and while it doesn't last more than 8 hours, that's quite good for tinted moisturizer.

You Rebel and You Rebel Light ($30) are available from Sephora and BenefitCosmetics.Com


  1. Hm- that doesn't seem to bode well for pale girls like me does it? I don't suppose they have a You Rebel SuperPaleWhite option do they? :-P

  2. Amanda, I agree: I don't know how a pale girl can work with this shade. Then again, Benefit products are known for performing color miracles (see Dallas). I'd be curious to know how it looks on different complexions.

  3. i use this! instead of adding bronzer, i just use this instead.

  4. Well if I ever come across a sample or something, I'll let you know how it works on us of the pastier complexions. Meanwhile my search for a tinted moisturizer that works on pale girls and still give coverage goes on.

  5. lev_i_mote, that's interesting to know. When I'm wearing the Light I still need bronzer, but the regular one is probably enough on it's own on the right face. I might need to experiment with mixing higher amounts of the regular color into Light.

  6. Amanda, I'm pretty sure Sephora has samples or they'd make you some in the store. They're pretty good about it.
    My sister is very pale and I think last time I took her shopping she found a color match at the Laura Mercier counter.


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