Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ten Fall Essentials

So what if the temperatures are in the 80s and the official start date of fall is the Equinox, September 23rd? These precious weeks of pre-season are good for planning our fall strategy. Colors, textures and scents. Here are the things that are making me forget that fall also means that it's about to get really really cold...

  • Skinny black pants
    If you're going to wear a longer cardigan or a top with some volume, a pair of black stretchy pants is your friends. As long as it's butt friendly. 
  • Lacy top
    Black, sexy and mysterious. Goes with jeans as well as with a pencil skirt.
  • Berry/pink- a subtle approach
    Pink, purple and berry tone are all the rage. I can't wear most, so instead I go for a pop of the color in a more palatable black and grey top.
  • Pencil skirt
    A classic. You need one.
  • Gray basics and accessories
    Who said it was boring? And gray nail polish is probably the edgiest item this season. Chanel Kaleidoscope or OPI You Don't Know Jacques are probably the most interesting.
  • Gray eye shadow
    You don't need to go all the way with a smoky eye, but a touch of gray on the lids works surprisingly well.
  • Dark lips
    Not just for goths. Choose a color that works for you: burgundy and plum are quite easy to wear.
  • Perfect skin
    Hopefully, we were all smart about skin protection during the summer. But extra TLC in the form of serums would do wonders. I'm still loving my old C booster from Remede but have been testing one from Chanel and there's a Guerlain sample on my shelf. And the new Secret de Vie serum just came out.
  • Tea
    I've been on a chocolate tea kick for a while now. My new favorite is chocolate-mint. 
  • Perfume
    Continuing the chocolate theme, Borneo 1834 from Serge Lutens is chocolate and  patchouli with a touch of tobacco, honey and camphor, to keep things interesting. Borneo 1834 is a Paris exclusive, but will be this year's limited edition export release. Coming soon to a Barneys near you.

    And a bonus one: The remake of the 1939 movie The Women is coming out September 12th. I'm a bit scared to see it what they've done to it, but won't be able to stay away. At least, we'll always have the classic.

1. Nanette Lepore lingerie lace top. $325 Neiman Marcus
2. M. Missoni double knit pants $295 Neiman Marcus
3. Stila Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - The Red Carpet Look $40 Sephora
4. Diane von Furstenberg Nadina blouse $198 Saks 5th Avenue
5. Serge Lutens Borneo 1834  €110 (the export edition is should be about $130)
6. Nars lip gloss Rose Gitane $24 Sephora
7. Diane von Furstenberg Cashmere Maia sweater $345 and wide leg Burnes pants $158.90
8. Chanel Kaleidoscope nail polish $20 Saks


  1. Remakes fill me with trepidation....*chill*
    But love your choices as usual (and Borneo is great!)

    Hope you're fine, sweetie! :-))

  2. The idea of the remake made me rather ill, but the previews make it look pretty good. I like Diane English, sooo

  3. Ooh, I like your essentials. I've been debating whether or not I should spring for the Chanel Kaleidoscope polish but it's hard for me to justify dropping $20!

  4. Helg- Thanks :) I think you and I could have a lot of fun shopping together.

  5. Tom, a few years ago they made it into a play with Cynthia Nixon in the lead role. I enjoyed it much more than I thought possible.

  6. Always In Style, as great as Kaleidoscope is, if you're watching your budget there are many other nice options this season. I particularly love the ones from OPI, and it's a fraction of the cost (goes for about $5-$6 on Amazon).


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