Monday, September 01, 2008

An Encounter At The Mall: David Yurman Perfume

Or: Why I won't do a full review of it

I'm pretty sure the David Yurman perfume smells fabulous on many people. I'm just not one of them. There's something in the aggressive combination of florals that doesn't agree with me. The rose is of the kind that turns sour of me (YSL Paris has the same effect. I have a black wrist that destroys certain roses), the lily becomes Glade-like, and the overall impression is of that generic department store scent that combines the worst of the Lauder and Lancome counters, including the tenacity of their sales assistants (ten hours and some scrubbing later and it's still there).

It makes me think of padded shoulders, Jersey hair, Alexis Carrington and Nancy Reagan. Not something I want to experience enough times to write a review.



  1. They were spraying at my Nordie's. It is absolutely the worst perfume I have ever smelled, except for Cher! Disgusting!

  2. Yikes, it sounds awful. I'm also not a huge fan of everyone under the sun making a perfume.

  3. Urgh. I've heard that this is loud and obnoxious, I can imagine what it smells like without ever having to (I hope!). Sorry you had to smell it for so long.


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