Sunday, September 28, 2008

Urban Decay Liquid Liner

As a devotee of gel eyeliners and easy to use pens, I wasn't too eager to test my skills with a regular eyeliner brush. But it was there, the color was pretty and I just had to try.

To my surprise, Urban Decay eyeliner was easy to use, the brush easy to control and klutz proof, and the liquid is quick to dry. I have yet to mess it up. The staying power is wonderful, but still easy to remove, even with the regular Almay pads. The only issue is that some of the silver flecks are more tenacious than what's good for them, and I still see a couple until the next morning's shower.

The color I have, Crash, is a silver-flecked purple and much darker than the color swatches you see online. It doesn't glitter too much, just enough to lighten and brighten, and the purple itself looks quite muted and neutral on my skin (it'd look much bolder if you're pale). It coordinates nicely with the grey and mauve hues of the season.

Urban Decay Liquid Liner ($18) is available from Sephora, Ulta and I got a travel-size sample as a GWP.

Top photo: Glamour magazine, via

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