Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Apparently, Sarah Palin is now working in PR

Previously on the Non-Blonde: A press release for a lipstick managed to annoy me on several levels.

If you look at the comments on that post, you'll see an anonymous rambling one that makes very little sense. Of course, nothing on the web is really anonymous and you can imagine where it came from. IP numbers do not lie. But just to drive home the point, the PR person sent me an email that seemed to be written in Palinese, berating me not just for my lacking sense of humor, but also for not supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness cause.

If you're scratching your heads now, I don't blame you. You saw the press release that focused on the Shiksa theme. There was no mention of the Breast Cancer Awareness issue, which wouldn't make much of a difference, really. The Shiksa makeover for the poor Jewish girl angle would still be just as idiotic. But supposedly, I should have done "a little more research" (direct quote) to discover the good intentions paving this road to hell.

I don't think so.


  1. They're out to get us Gaia!

    Stand your know you're right. ;)

  2. Oh, and at least it wasn't written in French... ;)

  3. You know, the whole thing would have been a LOT funnier if they'd actually marketed the lipstick to shiksas. As in -- "Tall? Blonde? Drink a good martini before noon? You have it all but all you really want is a Nice Jewish Boy? Try our lipstick!"

    Well, maybe not that much funnier. But still.

    I have a fond memory of one of my good friends, a real live New York debutante, returning from visiting her to-be husband's relatives and asking me, in all innocence, "Sweetlife, what's a shiksa?"

    Let's hear it for the non-blondes!

  4. Sweetlife, that's a hilarious story. Poor girl...

  5. nobody looks good in Pink lipstick. Not even my tall, (natural) blonde Jewish BFF Bitsy. Pink lipstick is stupid.

    Junior league press releases based on "funny" stereotypes are even more stupid.

    Kvetching about bloggers taking you to task for your bad taste and poor marketing, however is really stupid..

  6. A PR person actually berated you? Isn't that technically bad PR? Just saying- you have a right to express your opinion, so good on you for not taking it.

    I've made jokes before that play on stereotypes, because they're hilariously inaccurate. However, sending out a press release telling women they have to have something to measure up, and to not be a certain way- that's not funny at all. Even if it is just a stereotype.

  7. Is the assumption that everyone who reads your blog is supposed to be anti Palin?

  8. Tom, I'm starting to think I need to meet Bitsy. She sounds delightful.

  9. Amanda, you're right. That email was unprofessional and didn't serve the interest of the client. I'm glad you see my point of view.

  10. Anon, not more than they're supposed to be anti Posh Beckham.

  11. This is probably wrong, but I'm dying to know what the Shiksa Goddess lipstick looks like (sorry, did I miss the description?) Is it pink? Is that why tom said pink? OF course what other color would it be, prob. some bright nasty preppy thing...

    off to google it.

    PS I wish you'd do another nail polish post. I recently caught the virus that has triggered an uncontrollable addiction, and as with perfume I'm starting with the more outre stuff. What is wrong with me?

    PS There was a scold-y note on our middle school listserv, apparently we shiksas are not being sufficiently respectful of the high holy day. we're doing things like shopping, gossiping and blogging... mea culpa.

  12. Okay, googled it. Of course I'm judging from online but it looks a little too dark and too pink for me, but maybe it's sheer... hey, he says it works for every skin tone!

  13. I don't think it would go with my skintone either...or maybe it would just clash with my beard.

    C'est dommage.

  14. March, I think I'm doing a nail polish post tonight (only have seven new ones to review...), and tomorrow will probably be (finally) about age-appropriate shimmery products.

    I'm shaking my head at the scoldy note thing. Why shouldn't you do all this stuff? I do and I'm a Jew (albeit a bad one).

  15. Dane, yes, I think the beard might be a problem. Facial hair and lip products don't go all that well together, sticky-wise.

  16. since a google search of the guys name and "shiksa" leads first to your site and his third I think he's gotten more publicity out of the dustup than he would have if you'd liked it...


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