Friday, October 24, 2008

DVF Fights Counterfeiters

Remember my eBay fiasco with the fake DVF dress?

Apparently, Diane von Furstenberg designs were very popular among counterfeiters, because the company decided to take some serious action. All the new items I've purchased recently have an additional inner label, right above the white one that indicates the model and its number. The new black label has a metalic insert very much like what you see on paper money, but with the designer's face on it. Pretty cool. The back of the label reads: "This label with security features is a certificate of authenticity".

From now on, if you're considering buying DVF on eBay (and the item is from fall 2008 or newer), ask the seller takes a picture of this inner label to make sure you're getting the real deal.

More companies need to consider taking such measures. Not sure if it's enough to restore customers waning faith in eBay, but maybe it's a start.

both photos are mine


  1. I love that it's one of the old "Interview" mag covers of her..

  2. Tom, she's my favorite style icon. All I want is to look as good when I'm her age.

  3. Yikes! I hope I didn't get scammed and I wonder if there are different "images" of these new black labels with metallic inserts. I just looked at mine and it's much like yours, except I'm just seeing lips as I literally move the label and not DvF's entire face. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.


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