Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Would You Wear This?

I spent way too much time tonight staring at this D&G creation trying to understand the thought process behind it. The oversized turtleneck and huge sleeve are just too much for me to take. Maybe a (very) tall woman can pull it off, but it's still more medieval page boy than a sexy dress.

Richard III:


  1. I found Richard III amazing (but I am a tudor fan - hence the alias...) - D&G is just ridiculous...

  2. I don't understand puffed sleeves on any female over the age of 8 anyway, so there ya go.

  3. I think its beautiful, but I only would have worn in when I was 30 years younger and 2 inches taller.

  4. Where'd the model's neck go? My rule is that if it makes a model disproportionate, it probably isn't going to look good on anyone.

  5. Puffed sleeves are great...if you're going to a prom in 1988

  6. Yikes - I have seen that wimple thingy on some other runways and red carpets this season - let's hope it's not a serious trend! NOT a good look for anyone, unless they are a medievalist or a cloistered nun/monk. Combined with puffed sleeves it's just a big bucket of wrong.

  7. Haha, "A big bucket of wrong," that was awesome!

  8. Oh no! Well perhaps under a jacket!



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