Sunday, October 26, 2008

New At Bergdorf Goodman: Serge Lutens Santal De Mysore

The formerly Paris exclusive Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore has joined the other scents that left their bell jars (Bois et Fruits, Bois et Sepia, Un Bois Sepia and Bois de Violette), and is now available at the rectangular bottle only at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. They also have the gorgeous Chergui now, which was previously a limited edition Barneys exclusive (and rumor has it that most Barneys store are now out of stock).

Uncle Serge defines Santal de Mysore as "Maternal sandal wood laid over Siam spices" (from the Serge Lutens website). It's a unisex scent, leaning heavily towards the masculine. I like the woody part very much, but the "Siam spices" is more or less cumin (think Arabie light), though smoother and maybe blonder, if that makes any sense.

It's wonderful to see more and more of the non-exports actually being exported and available here (while they're not online, you can still call the store and place an order). If someone at the Palais Royal is listening, I dearly hope to see Rahat Loukhoum and Bois et Musc cross the Atlantic next. Pretty please with cumin on top...

(And don't forget that this year's limited edition that will be available from most Serge Lutens distributors is Borneo 1834. Bergdorf will have it later this week)

Image: Serge Lutens


  1. Oh boy you just made my day, BORNEO!! Whoopee!!! I'm on a big strange patchouli kick right now (after never previously liking the stuff) and that scent is just to die for. Wheee!! I do have a decant of the Santal de Mysore and love it, but have to use it sparingly... it takes a certain mood.


  2. Gaia,

    Big hugs to you for reporting this! I'm going to start saving for a Santal de Mysore bottle today. I knew Borneo was coming stateside but had no idea about Santal de Myore. Thanks!

  3. Hmmm...very exciting, but I'm not sure which I prefer, Santal de Mysore or Santal Blanc. I probably want SdM just because it's harder to get...would that be wrong?

  4. Borneo 1834 will be available domestically?

    My prayers have been answered. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Yes! Some Rahatty goodness please!

    Borneo I saw in the Barneys catalog. I was told that ScentBar will have Chergui in the store for phone orders and in-store sales, like the rest of the line (not online)

  6. C., I agree about SdM. It does require a certain mood (and for me, a husband-free space). Borneo is gorgeous. Probably my favorite patchouli.

  7. Suzanne, I'm glad I could help. I was surprised to see it at Bergdorf the other day. They didn't make an announcement and never sent a press release, as far as I know.

  8. Dane, I'm totally with you. Santal Blanc is easier for me to wear because it's so sweet and boozey, but I'm still excited about seeing the coveted juice. Same as with my current Bois et Musc obsession. I already have MKK and Clair de Musc, so now I must have another, less popular Serge Musk.
    (boy, that sounds wrong)

  9. Nathan, it's already available from Barneys, so it's just a phone call away.

  10. Tom, I'm so glad that Chergui is popping up everywhere. Less anxiety.

  11. I was at B&G last friday, that 's how I found out about it (maybe you were too? lol). I posted a thread on POL. It looks like the next exclusive exports will be Bois de Musc and Bois Oriental (the complete bois series) but I 'd love to see Tubereuse Criminelle instead.


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