Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chanel Kaleidoscope Nail Polish

I was sniffing perfume at Bergdorf's Chanel counter (basically, reminding myself how much the Exclusif line with its family-size bottles of too weak juice annoys me), when the SA noticed my nail polish, Chanel Kaleidoscope. It's quite recognizable, and hard to miss.

Most of the bottle images and swatches you see online look more silvery and on the cool side of things. It's just how it photographs, as I discovered myself. But Kaleidoscope isn't silver, gray or even taupe. The best I can describe it is as a very light metallic khaki with gold undertones.

Metallics can be tricky to apply without showing every brush stroke. Kaleidoscope is a bit better in this regard, especially when you go for a second coat. The result is quite striking and very shiny, almost mirror-like. The trade off is in the drying time, which is longer than most metallic polishes (and causes me to repeatedly mess up). I use two coats of Essie base, which helps tremendously in spreading the wealth. A top coat is necessary for me, otherwise there's serious chipping and peeling after the third day in the areas that hit the keyboard most.

Chanel Kaleidoscope ($20) is a limited edition for fall 2008. It's still available from most Chanel counters, so please check your local department store before you drop $29-$50 on an eBay auction. I got mine from Neiman's.

Images: mine


  1. I tried this on and didn't like it on me. My hands tend to get red, and then when veins show - ugh. It was very goldish on me, and I was hoping for more silver (which wouldn't have looked any better). I think its absolutely beautiful, just not on me!

  2. p.s. It does go on very nicely though, which I was surprised with, and the one nail I painted kept the polish for longer than expected.

  3. I love this one, but you're right, it's a bit tricky on fingernails -- mine type quite a bit as well. But on toes, where my nearsighted eyes can't see the streaks, one coat on a base was perfect. It's a great color -- I would've said silver going on bronze...

  4. It's such an interesting color, funny how the photos just don't do it justice.

  5. That sounded snotty. What I mean is, I have not seen a photo on the many blogs that captures its nuances. :-)

  6. One of my favorites! None of the "lookalikes" that I've seen come close, at least so far.


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