Monday, August 03, 2015

Chanel Tissé d'Automne Eye Shadow Quad Les 4 Ombres Fall 2015

Even after all these years and countless seasonal collections there's still something special about getting a new Chanel eye shadow quad. I picked this Chanel Tissé d'Automne Les 4 Ombres for fall 2015 because the colors are so perfect for the season and looked more interesting than the usual khaki/brown of fall. It's in the way they reflect the light, I think, and the impression of an early fall day that is very true-to-life. Of course, I could start talking about the light in Paris and all that, but we're discussing eye shadows and I don't write ad copy. It's kind of there, though.

The colors in Chanel Tissé d'Automne are a golden leafy green, a peachy beige, a murky almost blackened matte camo green, and a medium bronzy brown. All four have very good color payoff, even the lightest, though it blends into the skin of my arm. Since my lids are significantly darker than the rest of my face (and body) it actually stands out there. The medium brown might be the least exciting or original part of the quad, but it makes sense there and pulls the other colors together into a cohesive look. Both greens are spectacular. They're subtle enough, complex, and stand out on their own. The golden leaf goes well on the mobile lid, alone or on top of another color, while the dark matte one is perfect for lining. I've used it with a damp angle and smudge brushes to create a shape and line the top and bottom lashes. The result stood the test of a blazing summer day.

All four eye shadows in Chanel Tissé d'Automne quad are smooth and have an elegant texture. The medium brown might be a tad more gritty, but that could have been just the outer surface, because as I've using it I stopped noticing a difference. The shimmer is low key and flattering, the colors blend well and don't kick up a dust storm with most brushes. I use a primer, of course, and get an all day longevity. But here's a little secret of the Collection Les Automnales: the cream Illusion d'Ombre Velvet in Fleur de Pierre (tomorrow!) is the key to get a more dramatic and even more complex look from this quad (again, tomorrow!).

Bottom Line:  listen to Les feuilles Mortes while you're doing your makeup.


Chanel Tissé d'Automne Eye Shadow Quad Les 4 Ombres Fall 2015 ($61, made in France) is available at the counters and from


  1. I wonder if this is a bit softer than last year's "baked" palette, which I found too hard for easy use. Great colors! nozknoz

  2. Tissé D'Autome really resonated with me when I saw the promos and, when I saw it in person, it was even more alluring. So far, it has been the only autumn palette that has had that impact on me. I love how versatile it is in that I can take a look from primarily neutral with hints of green to a full on forestry look that has a stronger color presence. I use it with the crayon yeux in Feuille which is a blackened green that provides a smoky depth that can be softened by smudging it a bit with the deepest shade of green in the quad. It creates that quintessential autumn look without being hackneyed. Right now, I like it with a subtle lip and cheek, but once the weather cools off, it will look lovely with richer tones. Personally, I don't need to wear Chanel's Tissé formula with a primer to get all day wear and, if I want to punch up the color intensity, all I have to do is use a brush that has been slightly dampened. Tissé D'Autome and Feuille on my dark warm green eyes is just about as perfect as perfect can be.

  3. Gorgeous. I love the golden leafy green and I cannot wait for those first Fall days.


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