Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Makeup For Ever Aqualiner 12 &14

I probably would have bought a couple of other shades of Makeup For Ever Aqualiner liquid eyeliners if my local Sephora actually had them; the display rack was completely ransacked and most of the ones left were in fuchsia, red or gold. Pretty colors, just not my thing when it comes to eyeliner. So I settled on 12 Mat Mocha (top two photos)  and 14 Diamond Multicolor Black. Both are easy and usable: 12 is a matte dark brown that's a good  everyday color and 14 is microshimmer in a black base that give the eye a little sparkle without going overboard.

Makeup For Ever Aqualiners are supposedly waterproof, but  I can tell you they're more in the water resistant category. They hold well in the rain or on a humid NYC summer day, but they come off in flakes and chunks if you rub your eyes while washing your face. Still, the best way to remove the Aqualiners is by using an oil-based eye cleanser (Bi-Facil works fine) as it prevents flakes from getting in your eyes. The Aqualiners do stay put all day and maintain their sleek  finish.

The applicator Makeup For Ever created is a thin foam tip, quite firm, so it's easy to control. If you're familiar with the similar eyeliner from Rouge Bunny Rouge, than this applicator is more convenient (or less- depending on personal preference) because it's firmer. I find that it's easier to draw a very thin line with the Aqualiners, but then again, occasionally I just dip a very thin brush into the color if I want a barely-there line.

Bottom Line: I still want the one in navy.

Makeup For Ever Aqualiner ($23 each) are exclusive to Sephora, online and in store.

All photos are mine.


  1. I have the navy, I love it! It hardly budges all day, better than my MAC and Prestige eyeliners for sure.

  2. I have the navy and LOVE it! I also have #7 blk purple and #15 Anthracite which I love. I want one of the green ones now and the Diamond blk. The is the first e/liner that I can actually achieve a cat eye with!


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