Monday, March 29, 2010

L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Hair Mask

It occurred to me that I never shared my most trusted hair care product. I did talk about L'Occitane hair care product in general, and they are, indeed, awesome. The best one is Aromachologie Repairing Hair Mask. This is a heavy duty, fix-every-hair-sin and bring it back from the dead product. If you're a normal person with a reasonable amount of hair on your head you'd probably only use it occasionally and to fix issues like over-processing, chlorinating and sun damage. It'd be too rich for you on a regular basis. But if your hair is dry, super thick and/or very long (thus requiring extra care to ensure shine and moisture), the Aromachologie Repair Musk should be part of your routine.

I have a very long hair. I keep it at mid-thigh length because that's how I like it. It's also very thick and can get dry very easily if not fed shea butter and cake (well, only the shea butter) on regular intervals. I've been using the Aromachologie mask regularly for nearly three years, some weeks on an almost daily basis if I feel the need. It's that good and is partly responsible to the health of my hair.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Hair Mask ($29, 8.4 oz) is available from every L'Occitane store and online.

Photo by Nina Leen, 1947


  1. Wow! You have mid-thigh length hair? That is amazing. I've worn my hair long off and on (currently off) for many years and felt I'd done very well to get it past my bra strap. For you, that's pretty much shoulder-length!

    Small wonder haircare products rank so highly in your beauty must-haves. My goodness, you must go through gallons each year. Will you ever put up a photo of your crowning glory for us to see?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also have long, very dry hair. I'd been using Moroccan Oil mask this past winter to combat the static, but I've found even if you leave it in for hours it only hydrates until my next shower.

  3. I too have long hair, alas mine is not so luscious nor curly as yours, but I carry on with the great products you've reviewed.

    My dilemma is that cat hair and wife hair in the bathroom make for an unhappy husband. Can you please share how you handle the tub drain situation to prevent clogs?


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