Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cat(s) Of The Day




You might have seen Philip's photo on the cats' Facebook page, but the rest are brand new. I don't think Giselle was all that willing to pose; she was just looking for a warm spot, while Lizzy was deliberately taking a nap. Josephine was just waiting for tuna time.

And a bonus: This was happening in our back yard this morning between rain showers. The cats and us were fascinated.


  1. Joy!! Photos of your cats can brighten any sort of day. And Giselle's expression totally cracked me up. I'm afraid our fur babies all suffer from extreme photophobia. They''ll be looking absolutely adorable until they sense their image is about to be captured and then suddenly all we get are hidden heads or rapidly departing derrieres.

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG! Gorgeous! Sweet! Lovely! Divine!

  3. Too cute to be true! Lucky you to have them around. I adore cats but specially the ones with a pink nose. That's why I love Giselle's face.
    And the scene from the garden is like a screenshot from Hitchcock's Birds. Terrifying and amazing.

  4. Beautiful felines. I'm partial to Philip. Love the urn he is resting against. We used to have song birds and scrub jays until the crows moved in. Miss the flash of blue of the scrub jays, even if they did terrorize the cats.

  5. Awww... always love the cat pic posts! Josephine has such a shiny coat and elegant colouring.

  6. My god your cats positively GLEAM with health and happiness! Wonderful pix. And the bird Very cool and a little alarming.

  7. Giselle's expression and book theme accident? Hilarious!


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