Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FotD Minimal Makeup Featuring UD Naked 2 And Other No Brainer Stuff

This is from Saturday, a day for running errands with the husband, having a Jersey diner late lunch, and getting stuck in pre-holiday traffic and parking situations (see above: Jersey). Since one of the errands was an eye exam and trying on many frames I wanted to keep the makeup to a sane and stable minimum. The frame testing was just for entertainment, actually. I already new exactly what I wanted, down to the special order color, so I brought my iPad to show the catalog number and everything. But I still love to try on stuff, the crazier the better.

Got an idea for a new pair of sunglasses that made the Blond laugh (I wish the logo was smaller, but I'm so getting them), and tried to maintain my patience and temper through some red tape. But all ended well, my makeup remained on my face and not on various frames and equipment, so I declared the day a success.

Minimal(ish) look requires foolproof, no planning needed stuff that always always work and blends without extra work or need to correct stuff. It's not minimal number of product, just stuff that doesn't demand attention. Hence some old and new staples

Youngblood Mineral Primer. It's a silicone thing that works like cement.
Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation. It fits, it sits, it covers. I'm happy. Color is #3 Beige Natural. Applied with Bare Minerals brush, perhaps the best product this company has ever made.
Concealer: Cle de Peau, applied with my pinky finger and set with a Laura Mercier powder. No surprises here.
I avoided under eye brighteners. You can tell.
Setting and illuminating was achieved by NARS LRP and that Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson gorgeous powder.

Wet'n'Wild Fergie primer. You may pick up your jaws gently from the floor. I may dislike Fergie but this eye primer is made of awesome. The kind of awesome that bonds to the lids and the shadows.
Eye shadows: From Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I used Foxy, Tease, and Suspect mixed with Pistol. I was distracted at the time so just did a basic blended with a couple of Hakuhodo brushes and gave it a final onceover with Edward Bess eye brush.
Eyeliner: Black Lancome Artliner pushed into the lases and not winged or exaggerated in any way.
Mascara: gave another go to Guerlain Maxilash Cils d'Enfer, which convinced me to take advantage of the Nordstrom buy 2 get 1 free to stock up.


Shiseido Trio in RD1

I mixed NARS Mandore with Rikugien (Lip Satin Pencils) and sheered them out a bit with a brush.

Other Stuff
Top: DVF from a couple of seasons ago
Necklace: a quite old Cecile Jeanne necklace (I also have the matching bracelet. Must be at least from ten years ago, maybe more). Remember when they had a store on Madison Ave. right next to the L'Artisan boutique? I love their stuff.


  1. Those are definitely love at first sight sunglasses - brilliant!
    I've really enjoyed the NARS Lip Satin Pencils, but have never tried those two colors together - must remedy that. And I'd give a great deal if my brows looked that good with nothing on them. Mine require serious attention - always.
    The Cecile Jeanne necklace is glorious.

  2. I like the sunglasses a lot. I wish most sunglasses logos were smaller too. I enjoy your FOTD posts. I just got the NARS LRP duing the Sephora sale and haven't tired it yet, but have high hopes for it. Would you consider including what perfume you are wearing that day also?

  3. I need to pick up that Youngblood and Fergie Wet & Wild primer - both sound genius!

    Those sunglasses are gorgeous and I. love. your. necklace!

  4. As usual, your face is gorgeous but I really love the necklace! Ori laughing at your sunglasses reminded me of shopping trips with my late husband. We actually enjoyed shopping together and that was almost my favorite thing about Christmas. He had one day when he did all his shopping for his mother and others and they were so much fun!


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