Tuesday, November 03, 2015

FOTD: Three Casual Fall (ish) Looks

These three looks from the weekend were easy, soft, and focused on the eyes more than anything else (obviously I need need to do a bold berry lip next). Skin was the same for all them: LMdB Peau Vierge all over the face, with precise spot concealing done either with a Serge Lutens compact foundation or the classic Cle de Peau stick Concealer in Almond (only works on my darker areas. I probably need Beige if I am ever to deal with stuff on my forehead or cheeks. Thankfully none exist now).I evened everything out with a damp Beauty Blender, set it all with NARS Light Reflecting (loose) and moved on.

The photo above will interest those of you who still have the Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette from Fall 2010 (gulp!). Obviously, the two silly glosses in there were a waste of space and they've gone off a while ago (I doubt I've ever used them after the first week of testing). I need to surgically remove their pans. The liquid lipsticks are still in good shape (what's left of them, as I've used them quite a bit), so that's what you see on my lips. The eyes are the story here: I swiped Navajo over the entire primed lid (more out of habit than a necessity). Then did a deep crease with the gorgeous matte gray using Hakuhodo G5517 which has become a favorite for this purpose (a backup is needed for this sculptured brush). A touch of that shimmery Pink Graphite on the middle of the lid, and then I went all in. Using MAC eyeliner mixing medium I created a nice blue paste with Dark Rinse and drew an almost-but-not-quite graphic eyeliner (also tightlined with it). I didn't go all out since I was just going to take a nap at the movies (The Martian. All that desert is not my thing), but it was fun and a good reminder to use the mixing medium a lot more. Blush was Pink Rose from the plaette and mascara was Defincilis from a sample (I'm on a mission to use it all up before the drawer fills up again).
Scarf: Vintage Michal Negrin

This look from Sunday afternoon was centered around tow shadow sticks: Laura Mercier Twilight mixed, blended, and diffused with Pixi Brun Beam. It was mostly brush work to get the right look: deep where I wanted it and light around the perimeter. The eyeliner was to the brown Aqualiner MUFE (I forgot how awesome it is), mascara was a Lancome something or other, blush was Helena by Kevyn Aucoin, and the lipstick was Sophia Loren No.1 with a random Laura Mercier gloss over it.

Necklace: vintage. No idea where it came from.

I had a friend over yesterday, which felt like a wonderful extension of the weekend. I snapped the photos just before she rang the doorbell, hence the questionable quality.  But you can see what I did there. And, yes, my hair was in a pony tail longer than any actual pony. This was even simpler than the look above. Skin was done as mentioned, blush was swirl with a Hakuhodo 210 over a tiny Lancome GWP compact that included two color (one matte, one shimmer), and the eyes were a lazy placement of Chanel Raffinement (just the two mid-shades). The focus was on the brand new Colourpop eyeliner pencil in Fast Lane. It will get its own post, but for now I can tell you it's greener than it appeared online, and it's almost impossible to remove.Lip gloss the very last drops of Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Tricks. I don't feel a need to repurchase, even if the color is still around.

Blouse: DVF (current collection)

Do you have a favorite among these? Anything specific you'd like to see?


  1. Gaia, thank you for sharing these FOTDs! This is what beauty is to me; doing your own thing and not falling into a conformist trap of what's expected of you [as a woman/of a certain age/other applicable cliché]. Refreshing and lovely, please continue with these photo series, I seriously love them!

  2. I love your FOTD looks, as we have similar coloring, I am taking notes! :)

  3. Looking forward to your post on the Colourpop eyeliner pencil you used - looks incredible in the photos. And with each of these FOTD posts you're helping me overcome the serious blush phobia I've had since high school. I really appreciate being able to see the blush with the different lipstick and eye makeup shades.
    Beautiful Michal Negrin scarf and those colors are simply perfect on you.


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