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FOTD Featuring Guerlain Holiday 2015 Winter Fairytale Collection

I can't even say that this was against my better judgment because when it comes to Guerlain my judgment conjures up pompoms and starts doing a a cheer routine chanting "Get it! Buy it! Get it! Buy it!". I was aware, though, that at least half of the charm of Guerlain Holiday 2015 Winter Fairytale Collection came from the packaging. I tried to resist but the pompoms (and snowflakes! and stars!) won. I chose three items (skipped the eye&face palette, the bronzer, and the nail polish): Météorites Perle des Neiges, Rouge G lipstick in 867 Merveilleux Rose and Maxi Velvet liquid lipstick in M72 Fleur de Givre.

This makeup look is almost 100% Guerlain. I went with this luminous theme of the holiday collection, emphasizing all that's light and bright (and used the barest minimum amount of eyeliner). I tried to avoid discontinued products and almost succeeded, except with the blush. I wanted the most natural and neutral, and the only Guerlain option I had around was Caresee de L'Aube 07 . In hindsight, I could have used a barely there application of Terracotta Bayadére Face & Eyes Contour Palette (which is a limited edition for fall but still widely available).

My skin was having a questionable day, so I started with Valmont Prime Renewing Pack-Mask as a moisturizer and a first-aid treatment. It made me feel better, if nothing else (seriously, this is an incredible non-rinse mask for those not bothered by strong fragrance. It has an aromatherapy feel, very relaxing with that good-for-you/spa atmosphere. Available at Osswald NYC which supplied the sample).
Primer- Guerlain Météorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer. Still one of the best on the market and continuing that luxurious therapeutic feel.
Foundation- Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in Beige Natural #3
Concealer- the tiniest smidge of Kevun Aucoin SSE in SX10 on a damp Beauty Blender, pushed over a couple of unsightlies, and set with a hint of Laura Mercier powder.
Under eye brightener- Guerlain Precious Light (which all of a sudden has started creasing on me lately. Has the formula changed between my previous pen and the current? More likely it's my shriveling skin. I'm going back to By Terry).
Finishing powder- the glorious Météorites Perle des Neiges applied with Hakuhodo Kokutan Finishing brush , and then a little extra highlighting on the high points of the face with Hakuhodo S114.

Laura Mercier eye base in Wheat
Guerlain Les Perles 08 Écrin 4 Couleurs quad. I used the color on the left all over the lid (brush: Shu Uemura N10), a touch of the pink thing in the tear duct, just because, and the darkest shade along the lash line with a random smudge brush, even going under the lower lashes for the sake of the photos (I avoid it most of the time, as to not add darkness to an area that's already sunken too deep). I like this quad well enough, but must admit that's it's lacking in a medium blending or transition shade, so I supplemented with Viseart Paris Nude palette: I combined the two colors on the bottom right of the palette (the ones I numbered 11 and 12), and used them to create the shape and blend the crease (Paula Dorf Sheer Crease brush). Then I blended some more.
I tightlined very lightly with a black pencil (the discontinued Hourglass Film Noir Kohl, because it was the first thing I grabbed), and let it migrate to the lower waterline just enough for extra definition.
Mascara: Guerlain Maxilash Volumizing and Curling Mascara. It's brilliant, by the way.

Boy Brow by Glossier, applied to the tails and combed through.

Guerlain Caresse de L'Aube 07 (Fall 2015, discontinued) applied with Hakuhodo S103

 Rouge G lipstick in 867 Merveilleux Rose. I love it. Such a bright and effortless color, and the texture of Rouge G is among my top favorites ever,

Other Stuff
Book in the background of the product shots is Guerlain by Colette Fellous
Faux leather jacket from Joyus (I also have it in black)
Vintage earrings

Bottom Line: One day I'll contour my nose.


  1. Looking good, Gaia! These shades work well for you. Very pretty. I am loving the meteorites - must have them.

  2. Guerlain do the most pretty of pretties at Christmas ... everything is beautiful on you and I just love that lippie!

  3. Gaia,
    The meteorites are so very pretty. The shades work very well for you. I have a Rouge G lipstick in shade Gabrielle, that I treasure. ( I do not take it with me when I travel , I am afraid I might live it behind someplace).
    I am not that well acquainted with the meteorites line I have mostly purchased the Guerlain Terracotta , the after sun body cream is a favorite and the bronzer.
    I am going to ask for a sample of the meteorites primer next time I place an order.

  4. The fresh pink lip looks awesome for fall, I might need one of them actually!:)

  5. Gaia- pink is your color too! Who knew? Lovely photos and your earrings are beautiful too. I'm not a finishing powder devotee, instead I can't survive without Guerlains' Terracotta line & bronzers. But this years snowball/snow globe got me. If you ever decide to give a lesson on how to use these type powders I'm all ears!

  6. i, too, fell for the starry meteorites (being a meteorites lover in general) as well as the new rouge g (being a rouge g megafan). i wasn't sure that the bright, light pink would work well on me, but i love it. a surprising color for a holiday collection, i thought--but turns out to be wonderful. it looks just lovely on you!

  7. Gaia, I love this look!! I've been looking for a fresh pink lip for Fall, this looks great! :)

  8. I ordered the Meteorites finally, I couldn't resist. I am always amazed at how well my skin looks in photographs after I've used them. They make us all look beautiful!

  9. Guerlain gave us such a pretty holiday collection. It was a nice change from the bold and dramatic look of last year to the delicate and ephemeral look of this year. I bought the same three products as you did, Gaia,but I also managed to acquire (through a friend in the biz) the gloss in Reflets Étoiles and it is a stunner! For day, I've been consistently reaching for Merveilleux Rose, but for evening--when I want something more defined and longer lasting--I've been wearing Fleur de Givre with a touch of Reflets Étoiles over it and it is simply gorgeous. As for those Météorites, what can I say? They perform as beautifully as they look. They're more luminous--as befits the holidays--and look lovely when swept on the high points of the face and across the décolletage. Love Météorites!

    1. BTW, Gaia, I just wanted to say how good it is to see pictures of you as it really helps us to better understand your esthetic. I used to occasionally describe eyeshadow looks on the lovely Charlestongirl's Friday Forum and people would ask me about my eye shape. I'd say my eye shape was similar to yours only my brow bone area is about twice the size of yours because I have a higher arch. My eyes are so smaller and more deeply set which is what happens as we age :-( Women like us, though, are very, very lucky. We'll never have to worry about hooding or a lot of drooping. True, at 71 my skin is not nearly as firm or as smooth as I'd like, but I don't have the eyelid problems most women my age and even a couple decades younger, typically have--and neither will you :-)

  10. This collection looks just beautiful <3

    Pink Frenzy

  11. A great look on you! I love your eye look - we have a similar coloring, so I am totally stealing it for work tomorrow! And that pink lippie really suits you.

  12. I love this look! Incredibly pretty. And the Merveilleux Rose is a gorgeous shade. Must have. Also must have that Meteorites. I swear I need therapy for my inability to resist Guerlain's Meteorites. I so very rarely use powder, but I've bought more Meteorites over the years than I care to admit simply because everything about them is so impossibly beautiful. The mere sight of them strips away all my willpower. I feel no guilt about the gorgeous Rouge Gs, since I've always been happy wearing them, but the Meteorites? They are basically there for my inner seven year old. How could anyone not smile when playing with them or just looking at them?

    1. Oh, Anna! A woman after my own heart! I collect Météorites and have done so for years. I have editions that were released both here and that were Asian exclusives. I usually remove about a forth of the balls and transfer them to a plastic container to actually use. The rest I keep carefully stored in their original container along with the puff or brush that was part of the collection. I make a small card detaining the name of the collection, the season and the year, and the name of the Météorites. Heaven knows what my sons will do with them when I die! LOL

    2. Another serious Meteorites fan! :-) That is incredibly impressive how meticulously you've catalogued and cared for them! And I can't imagine a happier way to bond with future daughter-in-laws than over a collection like that. In my mind that would instantly get you a Mother-in-Law of the Century award.

  13. Very nice colors on you...I may have to track down the lipstick!

    Have you ever considered wearing your hair down over your forehead? I'm not talking about bangs, since you hair is so long...maybe a side part and swooped over? I think that might remove whatever need you feel to contour your nose...I'd love to see a picture!

  14. The rose lipstick is fabulous on you. That first photo is one of your best (imho).

  15. That lipstick is gorgeous and it is hard to resist the Rouge G packaging and formula. It looks lovely on you, I am going to have to track this down. I seriously trying to resist the meteorites, because I don't feel that make enough difference for the price... but I suspect I will cave because stars!


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