Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Lipstick Queen- Lust (Seven Deadly Sins Lip Gloss)

Be warned: I'm in a Lipstick Queen mood (see this). But today we're talking Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins glosses, a beautiful true red. The real story here is less the color (I have a drawer full of reds), but the fantastic texture and finish. At first I thought that Lipstick Queen Lust was kind of a liquid lipstick. It's that pigmented and semi-opaque.The texture is incredibly light, non-gloopy and spreads smoothly with the doe-foot applicator, creating a semi-satin finish that stays on the lips longer than the average gloss and leaves a nice stain.

I love the light moisturizing feel of the gloss and how comfortable it is. When I first swatched it I thought it'd go more berryish on my lips, but no. It's a real red, easy-going enough for daytime wear, free of fragrance and taste, and just a quality grownup sort of gloss (the image on the box is somewhat risque, as befitting the sin of lust).

Bottom Line: I'm bringing my lip colors to hell.

Lipstick Queen- Lust from the Seven Deadly Sins Lip Gloss collection ($24, Made in Canada) is available from Barneys, Ulta, and Beauty.com where they're having a 20% off F&F sale as we speak.

The book in the background is Queen Elizabeth II: A Photographic Portrait by Philip Ziegler. I've always wanted to know what lipstick color my imaginary cousin was wearing in that 1952 photo shoot.


  1. I don't even like gloss and you made me want this. D: And man, Lipstick Queen always knocks it out of the park with their packaging!

  2. My mom told me once that Queen Elizabeth's red lipstick was a super-secret-custom-made shade, and in order to prevent the press to find out the exact tone, her staff used to clean the lip print left on her glass in public events, official trips, etc. So keep guessing, i'm afraid... :)


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