Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ellis Faas Concealer S204

Ellis Faas Concealer is exactly the product I've been searching for. I tend to prefer liquid concealers because the look better on my skin. Unless I'm trying to conceal an issue that affects skin texture, liquids look more natural when dealing with skin tone and/or discoloration. Ellis Faas concealer is smooth and silky (the formula is supposed to be hydrating and contains vitamins E and C). It blends with the skin to a natural finish that doesn't sit on top of it; the concealer plays well with every cream and liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer I sent its way. The best part is that the Ellis Faas formula also works under the eyes without emphasizing the area's dryness. I tend to mix it with Touche Eclat for brightening, since S204 is quite yellow.

The coverage of Ellis Faas concealer is medium+. It eliminates redness and any discoloration that hasn't been fully evened out by foundation, but doesn't fully hide the one darkest sun spot I still have on my left cheek. I don't mind, though, as I prefer my skin to look like skin, something Ellis Faas products do amazingly well.

I wear S204 though could probably mix it 2:1 with S203 (the flash made my inner wrist look even paler than it is, so don't be scared), especially if I'm going to wear it in winter. I don't tan but my skin seems tan if I'm even looking out of the window. In any case the swatch was applied heavily and not blended, so you can have an idea of the shade.

The infamous Ellis Faas applicator is not an issue here. It dispenses a small amount that you pick from the plastic bristles and apply with a brush or with your fingers as desired. I put it on the back of my hand, mix with anything I want to add and brush it on.

Bottom Line: Success.

This photo of a very painted face was sent to me by Ellis Faas (the company, that is), with the quote:
A decorated face is a way to show strength and pride. And playfulness! Life is a joke, so don't forget to laugh.
I thought it was fun, in light of both the animal prints we see everywhere and that fact that sometimes fall collections are a bit lacking in humor. And the model is stunning.

Ellis Faas Concealer ($40) is available from Space NK and A press sample was provided by the company.

Concealer photos by me, decorated face by Ellis Faas.


  1. Great review of a truly outstanding product!

  2. This is one concealor that I've been meaning to try (a bit hard to justify though, with having 5 concealors already.

    I need something like this for my undereye area. most concealors I've tried in the past emphasize fine lines horribly.

  3. I agree completely. I've owned this concealer for six months now and absolutely love it. As you say, it looks like skin, and it covers well to enliven the face. I also like that it negotiates dry patches on my face and under my eyes really well. Such a stunning product, and one I really value when I'm feeling super tired and in need of some life! Thanks for the review :)

  4. The EF shade I bought a few months ago is now too light. I never thought of mixing it with another product - duh! Thanks again.

  5. Adding to the "me, too" comments. Aside from Ellis Red lipstick, her concealer is an outstanding product. Great minds, and all that because I also mix S201 with YSL Touche Eclat, as the EF concealers lean toward yellow.

    I was also sent a picture, but I think mine is of Ellis (hard to say for sure!), and it contains a lot of pink. I loved it, and I love the brand.

    Great review, thanks!

  6. Terrific review! Like you I combine (in the summer) the S204, but I mix it with the S202 - both are warm colors. The S203 concealer, despite many other fine qualities, is just too peachy for my under eye.

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