Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hakuhodo G5537BkSL & G5538BkSL Powder Brushes

The fluffy G5537BkSL and G5538BkSL were added to Hakuhodo's catalog late last year and immediately caught my eye. It was inevitable: I never came across powder brushes that were even remotely similar. What do you do with loose, slim, narrow, long-haired brushes? The answer is: quite a few things.

Hakuhodo G5537BkSL and G5538BkSL  are made of very soft white goat hair. The G5537 is the larger of the two and as you can see, it has somewhat expanded over months of use and washing, while the smaller G5538 stayed slimmer. As I mentioned above, both brushes are fluffy; they're also floppy and have quite a bit of give and movement. These brushes are good for loose application of powders, highlighters and bronzers, as well as for blending up large areas, and powder cleanup.

I like to use both Hakuhodo G5537BkSL and G5538BkSL with intensely pigmented blushes or high-shimmer products that require a light hand and a diffused application. They're too floppy for precise directional use, but the smaller G5538 is especially useful for reaching and powdering narrow areas such as the sides of the nose, without caking on the product.

The comparison photos I took show Hakuhodo G5537BkSL and G5538BkSL next to my other floppy powder brush, Shu Uemura 18R. The Shu is a bit denser, and not quite as fluffy. It's more of an all-over brush, compared to the Hakuhodo ones, and I wouldn't use it for blush application because of its size. I guess these Hakuhodo brushes are also comparable to Yachiyo brushes, though the shape is different. They can all be used with very intense blushes, and to blend various areas and products on the face. These G-series brushes are somewhere in between the two forms of HakuhodoYachiyo brushes, so if you were looking for something not as blunt as the Purple but without the bounce of the pointed, G5537BkSL & G5538BkSL might be the answer.

Bottom Line: nice to have.

Hakuhodo G5537BkSL ($34) and G5538BkSL ($29) are available from (search under G Series). They ship all over the world.


  1. I have the smaller Hakuhodo - I use it with my red and vivid coral blushes. Like you said, it's great for those - and it's so soft! I find it even better with pigmented blushes than the Yachiyo.

  2. I need to replace this old scratchy shedding BE "flawless face" brush, this seems to have a similar fluff and shape. Thanks for the review! :)

  3. I seriously want all the Hakuhodo brushes on your blog. You make them so yummy! I especially want to G5538 because it's at the better price point than the other Hakuhodo brushes, and especially with the higher prices now. Thank you! I know you already did a few posts of your favorite brushes but which brushes would you recommend for someone who just started getting into makeup. I use liquid foundation, cream and powder blush, and bronzer, also eyeshadow. How do you like Kokutan? :)

  4. Hi. Do you recommend g5538 for contouring using either pigmented or unpigmented powder? I'm torn between that and g5521. Help!


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