Monday, July 02, 2012

Fig Tree Perfumes- Scents Of Summer

I'm not entirely sure if this list of my favorite fig perfumes is more of an offshoot of last week's green perfumes or a preface for next week's (spoiler alert!) fruity summer fragrances. Probably the former, since this list is about perfumes that smell of the tree and its leaves, and they're mostly green and brown and crispy. Fig scents tend to be sweeter and more voluptuous than the traditional mean and green ones. Here are some of my most beloved (as usual, in no particular order):

Nez a Nez- Figues et Garcons. Rich and full with most of the beloved characteristics of fig fragrances.

 * Sonoma Scent Studio- Fig Tree. Like meditating in the shade of a fig tree. Only without actual summer heat, insects and tiny sharp stones that poke you and disturb said meditation.

* CB I Hate Perfume- Revelation. This one is the least green of the bunch. Christopher Brosius makes a tree grow right there in front of your eyes. Beware: it drags its dirty feet into the living room.

* Heeley- Figuier. Cool and calm. "A tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither."

* Ava Luxe offers several fig perfumes, each one zeroes in on a different aspect, all of them are just this side of delicious: Bois de Figue (ripe and woody), Johri (a classic green fig-coconut milk-sandalwood composition), Fig Leaf, and Figuer-- the last two are the greenest and most herbal, Figuer is enriched with some coconut milk.

* Miller Harris- Figue Amere. Almost shocking with its dry salty/bitter opening, but becomes softer and friendlier.

* The Thymes- Fig Leaf & Cassis. This is a little unfair, as this gem was discontinued years ago. But I can't ignore this old love (and I'm still hoarding the very last bottle) that had the perfect combination of the greenest leaf and the juiciest sap.

* L'Artisan Parfumeur- Premier Figuier and Premier Figuier Extreme. There are endless discussions about these two: which one is greener? which one is woodier? I own and wear the Extreme because it's an eau de parfum (the regular is an EDT) and I found it smoother and longer lasting.

Annick Goutal- Ninfeo Mio. Summer, sunshine and citrus come together to elevate the greenery and take you on a journey to an enchanted garden. Corny but true.

* Diptyque- Philosykos. The woodiest of them all.

* Molinard- Fleur de Figuier. A very cheap thrill that smells exquisite. Green and slightly bitter, with a rare flair.

* Aftelier- Fig. A natural perfume, full of honey and indoles. Adam, Eve, the Serpent and the fig leaf.

Thierry Mugler- Womanity. I still can't decide if it's love or hate for me, but one thing is certain: there's nothing like this cheeky salty figgy creature.

Parfumerie Generale- Jardins de Kerylos. Probably the most floral of this bunch. Nostalgic and romantic, tender and fresh.

Photo: Fig tree in Puglia by Matthew Hranek.


  1. HI Gaia,
    I love all the fig scents you've mentioned, esp. Miller Harris and Mandy Aftel's. A few others you may enjoy are Fig Tea by Parfums di Nicolai, green floral fig and Fig & Poppy by Speziali Fiorentini, beautiful green/floral with pulp and a woods drydown.

  2. I have a sample of Heeley Figuier, that I ordered because of your blog, and I love it! I wouldn't have guessed that I liked the scent of figs, but that perfume smells divine. The only problem is, and I think your review said this, it doesn't last long. Thank you for this list. Maybe I will find another I enjoy that has a bit more staying power.

  3. Wild Fig by Henri Bendel is the best perfume I have ever found!!

  4. I love a few of them (actually, all of those I could get).
    I am the happy owner of Nimfeo Mio I literally bath in it in hot summer days... and want to have but not able to decide Premier Figuier or P.F Extreme... :)
    The same for me regarding to Womanity... Strange creature!!!

  5. What a dreamy photo. I'm so inspired to try to recreate it!

  6. Dune for Men is lovely.


  7. Hello!
    I so look forward to your emails in my inbox. They are a ray of sunshine and beauty no matter the weather or the world news.
    I would suggest a beautiful fig fragrance by Jovoy...L'Arbre de la Connaissance.
    Woody, figgy and sensual.
    Cheers from another Jersey girl in California!


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