Thursday, May 08, 2014

Make Transforming Eye Primer & Lip Primer

Make, as any good makeup artist-designed brand, offers several primers to ensure even application and good longevity of color products. I've been using the lip primer and the eye primer for the last couple of months, and have learned to rely on them for my daily needs.

My normal lip routine has always been exfoliating and moisturizing with various balms, so I don't always use go with an extra layer under my lipstick. But Make's lip primer has been changing that, thanks to its smoothing effect. It feels more than a little waxy when applied, and I had little expectations from it as a moisturizer, but after a while I can tell that it preserve the smoothness and the comfortable feeling of well-conditioned lips. Some lipsticks definitely benefit from having a coat of primers underneath (especially matte ones), and generally I'd say that the primer makes lipsticks keep the perfectly applied appearance for several more hours (as long as you don't  eat a three course meal along the way). I haven't seen a noticeable effect with sheer glosses, though. The primer is unscented and has no discernible taste.

Makes's Transforming Eye Primer has become a favorite. The texture has more slip than other primers in a pot I've used before, but dries down nicely to a smooth matte finish. You need less product than you think, even if you're a seasoned eye primer user. The texture is very soft and the tiniest amount stretches all over the lid, creating a smooth backdrop for any eye makeup. As with all eye primers, satisfaction greatly depends on one's very particular skin (and often on environmental conditions such as extreme dryness or Florida humidity). So far, Make's primer has been performing well for me.

Make Transforming Eye Primer ($23) & Make  Lip Primer ($23) are available at select Barneys locations,, and directly from the company's website,, where 33.3% of each purchase will directly benefit the WE SEE BEAUTY Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds women-led co-ops in the US.
 The Product for this review was a press sample.

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