Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shiseido RS302 Tea Rose Luminizing Satin Face Color Blush

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in RS302 (Tea Rose) is a high-impact powder blush. I could have easily gone with RD103 (Petal), a light natural pink flush, but I felt I was all set and covered in that department and wanted a deeper, more saturated rose.

The texture of Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color is silky and almost matte. You need the lightest stroke of the brush to pick up color: the finger swatch you see here is not a real swatch: I just touched my finger to the blush surface. It looked scary powdery before I tested using a brush, but the blush is so delicate and finely milled it gives the promised luminous finish and blends beautifully.

RS302 Tea Rose is the darkest blush Shiseido offers. It has a reddish cast (looks more pink in direct sunlight) and will suit deep olive tones and probably darker skin without the furious blending required by me. On my pale olive green complexion I find that RS302 is a beautiful and lively color that looks surprisingly natural when used responsibly.

Bottom Line: this compact will probably outlive me, but I don't mind.

Shiseido RS302 Tea Rose Luminizing Satin Face Color Blush ($30) is available at the counters and from shiseido.com.


  1. This seems like a blush right up my alley. Thank you for the review!

  2. This is the first swatch I've seen of Tea Rose. Dain had recommended Carantion to me a couple months ago when I was looking for a blush with a glowy finish but not shimmery. I love it--I doubt it is as delicate as Petal (have that color covered, too), as it has a slight red undertone to the pink, but not as red as Tea Rose. I'd have thought Tea Rose would be more muted, like BB's Desert Rose or Chanel's Rose Dust, so I am glad you reviewed it or I might have ended up buying it.

  3. The Shiseido blushes deserve a lot of love, and it's great to see your swatches. The range is quite small and select, making it perfect for beginners, but they a delight for more jaded collectors as well.

    I just added Tea Rose to my stash yesterday (which includes Petal, Carnation, and Soft Beam Gold), and it is a beautiful powder compliment to my go-to creme blush, Becca Amaryllis.

  4. Tea Rose looks lovely! I got a sample size of the RD 103 (petal) that was part of a gift with purchase and I finished the whole lot (first time I've used up a blush even tho it was just 0.25g)! LOL. Used it every single day for 2 weeks until it ran out, so it was fairly pigmented! LOVED it. I love Shiseido brushes too. :)

  5. This is one of the two blushes I own that really suit me - and I am a beautyblogger :-) says it all.
    Perfect even for slightly blemish skin, perfect for light olive tones, perfect with red lipstick.


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