Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Anyone in Phoenix, Arizona?

Every month I get the Bliss catalog and check what's new. Sometimes I order an item or two, drool over something, scratch my head over others and never skip the fitness products to look at those MBT shoes and wonder if I need to have them.

Let's face it: they are ugly even for running shoes, which have never been the most aesthetically pleasing footwear. But I can't resist the claims and promises for a superior technology (Swiss engineering, according to Bliss, and I'm all for Swiss stuff, from chocolate to perfume) that improves one's posture, tones and strengthen leg and butt muscles and even gets rid of cellulite. As someone who has named her elliptical trainer (Gladys, if you have to know), the concept sounds quite appealing. So I select my size and click on "add to basket" before reminding myself that I'm about to drop a hefty sum on ugly athletic shoes and navigate away from that page.

Now, it looks like the good people of MBT have wisened up (though probably not enough to make the shoes pretty. Hint: poach one or two of the Puma designers) and are offering us an opportunity to see and test the shoes in person. Their Try, Trust & Love program is about letting people try on and experience various models and designs and meet an MBT Academy trainer (I wonder how you get such a job).

Sounds great, but the upcoming event is in Pheonix, Arizona. It's scheduled for Friday, January 11 – Saturday, January 12, at the Phoenix Convention Center, Ballroom’s D and E, Booth #416 33 S Third Street. I'm not going to be there, but since I know I have quite a few readers in that area I would be very happy to hear from someone who is planning to attend. I'd love to know how it goes and even feature your experience as a guest blogger, if you're so inclined. Just email me (the.non.blonde at gmail dot com) with your story and impression (state o'your cellulite optional).


  1. My mom has a pair of these that she wears for an arch support problem. The shoes change the way you walk, as all the pressure is going right where your arch is. She likes them, but can't wear them for more than a few hours without her back hurting (she's had a few back surgeries).
    I frequently tease her for wearing her "old lady shoes," but they have been helping her feet.

  2. A friend of mine wore these for a while due to a running injury at the behest of her doctor. She loathed the way they looked (she's a good New Yorker with her black pumps) but they did the trick for her. She suggested to me that I go to a store to be fitted for them and then order them online.

    Hope they do one of those things in NYC and LA soon- I'd love to try them, but I am not buying athletic shoes blind..

  3. I own 2 pairs of MBT's and wear them proudly. I work in a hospital and am on my feet all day long (8, 10 sometimes 12 hours). Some days I run from procedure to procedure and I love my MBT's. Other days I am standing in one place for hours on end and I love my MBT's. My feet or back no longer hurt at the end of whatever my has day has brought me. Worth the money but I went to the store and found the model and size that I wanted (some models fit differently than others, I have one size in one and another size in the other model) and then bought on ebay and saved about $50 per pair. I have tried every brand of running, cross, walking shoes on the market, Some work in the beginning but after a month or so I was miserable. Tried crocs. Good for those "standing in one place days" but not good for anything else.

    Weird at first, follow the instructions to get used to them a few hours a day at first. I swear by them.

  4. Allie- I haven't even thought about the arch support issue. I have the flattest feet known to men, so I wonder how it might work for me.

    Tom- You're right. This isn't something to order blind. But I'm getting very curious. I need to try this.

    5spice6- Thanks for commenting and for the info. Now I'm certain I shouldn't buy blind and must be fitted correctly.


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