Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Misunderstood- Laura Geller Balance-N-Bronze

Here's a product that gets quite a bit of bad rap (just look at the reviews on MakeupAlley), and I don't think it's justified. Laura Geller's Balance-N-Bronze is a split compact, a two-in-one product. One side is Bronze-n-Brighten (basically, a bronzer), the other is Balance-n-Brighten (a mineral makeup-style pressed powder).

I came across it in Sephora, tried it a couple of times before deciding I love it and got to have it, despite the reviews. After all, my skin knows best.

Unlike many of the disappointed reviwers, I don't try to use it as two separate products (I agree that doing that wouldn't be very efficient given the medium sized compact). It's the mix of both the bronzer and the colored powder that works so well and making it into a unique entity that's worth the precious shelf space in my cabinet.

I swirl a soft blush powder over both sides and then swipe it on my face just as I would a light bronzer and/or a powder. What I get is a very soft non-shimmery but glowy tan in a shade that matches my skin perfectly. It also adds a notch of coverage to my light and sheer foundation, gives it a smooth finish. What makes BnB special to me is the lack of shimmer and the natural color. It's always appropriate and never looks overdone. If I want a little more drama I can always add a little blush where appropriate, but for daytime it's hardly needed. It does a great job evening out my complexion, but unlike mineral makeup that comes as loose powder, it doesn't make my skin look weird, waxy or resemble Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.


  1. I really love baked powders and in particular, Laura Geller's. They are some of the most luxurious powders I have tried.

  2. Mandy- I agree. So far, all the Laura Geller products I've tested were absolutely perfect.

    Marina- I'm curious to know how the color would look on your fair skin. I'm pretty sure you'd like the texture and the finish, I just hope it's not too tan for you.

  3. Hehe it's true that some highlighters make our skin look waxy. I'm glad you found this one a winner out of all those criticisms on it. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.


  4. Thanks for suggesting mixing the balance and bronze. I bought a trial version of the bronze and balance (it came in a kit of other stuff I wanted to try by Laura Geller), but I thought it was too dark and kind of orangy on me. I was afraid to try the brighten and balance because I thought it might be too light for me. I'm about your coloring so this may be my solution.

    I've been using Bare Minerals for quite a while, but in the last week I must have spilled the darn stuff at least three times and I'm tired of it. I loved the way that the bronze and brighten went on and settled on my skin, and just like Bare Minerals, it felt like I wasn't wearing anything. So, if I like the way the balance and bronze looks, I'll be a new convert.

    Thanks for your review!


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