Friday, January 11, 2008

Ralph Lauren Perfumes: A Story in Pictures

This is a week of perfume annoyances, so why should I bother getting grouchy about the new Ralph Wild from Ralph Lauren?
From WWD:

Created by Ralph Lauren Fragrances' Linda Kramer in collaboration with Olivier Gillotin and Jim Krivda of Givaudan, the "wild fruity floral" fragrance has top notes of pink peppercorn, watermelon and wild strawberry; middle notes of cherry blossom, red rose pedal and sheer jasmine, and base notes of amber, sandalwood and musk.

The image above is the one we'll see in Ralph Wild ads. The target demographic is between the ages of 15 and 25.
I thought we all could use a reminder about the classic Ralph Lauren scents, Safari (now discontinued) and Lauren (reformulated and stripped from its soul):

Images: WWD, Okadi and Images de Parfums


  1. I didn't like Safari, but I loved the ad campaign with Bridget Hall. I think Bridget was one of the more underrated models or the '90s.

    Still, it's sad when popular fragrances are discontinued. Out of curiosity, what did you think of the original DNKY fragrance? I rather liked it and have no clue why it's no longer carried. I think it smells much better than, say, the more recent 'Be Delicious'.

  2. Hi!
    Would you like to participate in our game of tag? The rule is that those that get tagged have to reveal the contents of their purse (check my recent post). Maybe you have already done this? But if not, it would be lovely!


  3. Mandy- Bridget Hall is, indeed, gorgeous. She should have been considered a supermodel.

    I liked the original DKNY (though it didn't like me), and absolutely loved Chaos (RIP) and Black Cashmere (which seems to have been discontinued recently and I'm stocking up on it). BD and all its flankers are not my thing, and I suspect I'm not the target demographic.

    Grayburn- I'd love to play! I'll post it tomorrow.

  4. I was completely wrecked when I got a new bottle of Lauren for Christmas and discovered it was "stinky". I thought I'd gotten a bad bottle, only to find it's been reformulated. :( Lauren was one of only 4 perfumes I could wear that didn't give me a migraine. I sincerely hope they will consider bringing back the old formula. When Estee Lauder wanted a new White Linen, the created a new one, they didn't mess with the old. Ralph should've done the same.

  5. Anon- I know just how you feel. Lauren was so special to me. I wish they'd do a limited edition of the parfum version. I'd stock up on several bottles. Sadly, I doubt it'll happen. This seems to be one of the reformulations made to make the juice cheaper to produce.


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