Monday, January 14, 2008

An Inside Look Into A Blogger's Purse

I was tagged by Grayburn. The game is simple:

I need to let the world see what's in my purse. This is the handbag I carried today:

And its content:

A blue J. Crew silk scarf (I usually have a scarf, a cardigan and/or gloves), my ancient red wallet that desperately needs to be replaced (but wallet shopping is not really fun), sunglasses (I keep a pair in each purse), phone, keys (house, two cars, neighbor's house and the elephant key ring was a gift from my mom. I love elephants), mini Altoids, two packs of Kleenex, a pen, a sample of Andy Tauer's Incense Extreme (fabulous scent. A review is coming soon), two lip colors: One Chanel and one Benefit, my business cards (old version. I need to order new ones with my current graphics) and a sample of The Thymes Eucalyptus lotion (I just ran out of a mini tube of hand cream, so I grabbed the first lotion I found).

There you have it.

And, a bonus photo of my cat, Tulip, who really wanted to participate:

It was a fun challenge that reminded me the lovely "Petite Anthropologie de Sacs" by Nathalie Lecroc. You can read more about it here. The book is supposed to come out this year.


  1. Adorable cat, she looks like a sweetheart (though with cats, that tends to be up to their own discretion).

  2. I'm going to put that book on my wish list! It's fun seeing what's in everyone's purses! :D

  3. This is fun and I'm so glad you joined in! Feel free to tag others!


  4. You're carrying quite a few things!
    But then again, if one needs something, one is bound not to have it with them....This is what is happening to me usually :-(

    Lovely kittie!

  5. Oh wow, I also keep Kate Spade sunglasses and a J. Crew scarf in my purse!

  6. Dain- Tulips is indeed an incredibly sweet and friendly cat. To humans. He's a agressive with the other cats, which is hard to believe about a creature who lives for belly rubs.

    N.- I can't wait to see the book. It looks quirky and a lot of fun.

    Grayburn- I really enjoyed doing this. As far as I'm concerned all the other bloggers who read this are tagged. I want to see what's in all their bags ;)

    Helg- Is it really a lot? I'd hate to be stuck without any of these things, but then again, I'm known for being unable to travel light.

    P.- Thanks! He sends his purrs.

    TDO- glad to see I'm not alone!

  7. Forget the cat (although Tulip is too cute). Where'd you get the great handbag?

  8. Anon- The handbag is an Isabella Fiore; I got it either at Saks or Neiman's. I like her style: It's a little different.


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