Thursday, January 10, 2008

War and Peace: More about the Bond no. 9 Issue

I (and at least one other blogger) got a comment on my last Bond no. 9 post. Here it is:

NYC Perfumista has left a new comment on your post "How I saved $230":

In response to standard actions regarding a Bond No. 9 trademark infringement,Ms. Zorn has personally waged war on us by Internet and by telephone.
For the information of those who support her based on these postings, etc., we thought it only fair to publish the following document. While waging said war, she sent this letter to the attorneys of Bond No. 9, declaring her 'peaceful' resolution. She has, in essence, committed the very offense to which she claims (without merit) Bond No. 9 has affronted her.
Bond No. 9 is a small, entrepreneurial company run by one woman who spends a lot of time and money protecting it—her life’s work—and the scope of this company includes her trademarks. As a small business owner, and given the significant portion of her budget required to secure the names and phrases that are essential to the success of her business, she strongly defends them all.
The creative spirit of Bond No. 9 is copied every day by various companies, large and small, and we protect our rights in all cases. Laurice encourages everyone to be creative and to protect their ideas.Two Springs ago she had the idea to launch a Peace fragrance at the United Nations and donate to UNICEF for that first year. Since 2007, the donations have been to Seeds of Peace (, and Laurice continues to donate for Peace. The Scent of Peace is a top selling fragrance which allows us to donate a large amount of money to charity, and we're very pleased

The first annoying thing is the lack of name and title. Hiding behind a fake blogger account doesn't give anyone more credibility, and as my readers, friends and family know, this blog has always been open to comments from everyone, no need to create an account (and a silly user name. NYC Perfumista? Really?).

If you're Ms Rahme, her assistant, or her PR person, own up to it. Post your name and your email address the way all of us do.

I also don't appreciate using my blog for spammy content. You're welcome to respond directly to the points I've made, like everyone else did. But spewing empty PR crap which you copy and paste all over the blogsphere is not cool. Those of us who write and read about the perfume and beauty industry know how to spot commercial prose from miles away, which is what this comment is. There's no real substance here, from attacking Ms. Zorn to playing the "poor me" card.

Seriously, Bond no. 9 has several Manhattan boutiques and is sold at Saks. That might be "small and entrepreneurial " compared to Kenzo and Avon who also have Peace themed fragrances, but don't make me gag. It's not anywhere near the small artisan houses Bond decided to bully. And perfumistas (real ones, I mean) know the difference.

You can see the copy/paste campaign on my friends' blogs:
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  1. I suppose any company that depends so much on cute names to the point of legal vehemence is going to have severe insecurity issues. After all, it's the inside that counts. ; )

    Sarcasm aside, they need to get a life. And thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Es macht mir meshuggah.....

    I will swallow a LOT of crap, on my own behalf-
    But don't touch my friends.

    NOW, we need to get Liz REALLY famous.
    I'm going to order a bottle of that scent RIGHT NOW.

    [BTW- what crime did she commit ?
    Marrying an organic garlic farmer ???In Morrow, Ohio ?]

    My family is irate...

    [And Jacob sends you his love- he really liked you, when you met at Luilei]

  3. I got the same e-mail in response to my e-mail to them. They included the supposedly "war-like" letter that Liz Zorn wrote to them but in such a way that it's not cut-and-pastable. Personally, I thought her letter to them was very eloquent and polite, not war-like at all. They're not doing themselves any favors by disseminating it.

  4. They. Piss. Me. Off.


    Do they really think they're winning fans with this nonsense?!?

  5. this is truly unfortunate. I'm in love with a couple of their fragrances (Silver Factory and Coney Island) - somewhat "loud" though they may be, they truly make a statement.
    I suspect some pushy corporate lawyer is behind this petty nonsense, so I'll suspend my opinion until it gets resolved....

  6. Being a lawyer, I can see how a corporate counsel might go a bit overboard in trademark protection.

    But from what I have read, this is beyond any misguided overzealouness. It kind of reminds me of when UPS filed a trademark on all uses of the word "brown." We put that up in my office and generally made fun of it. I'm guessing my office will enjoy the act of claiming a trademark on the word "peace" as well.

    Anyway, I also really dislike comments from corporate representatives who try to hide their identity as such. But I welcome them when they identify themselves. Then readers can form their own opinions with full knowledge of any bias on the part of the commenter.

  7. Dain- You're right, of course. I like to think that I'm not confused or influenced by cutesy names. And I was never impressed by Scent of Peace to begin with.

    Chaya- I'm very happy to be your friend :) And big hugs to sweet Jacob. He's a very special young man, which doesn't surprise me.

    Gail- I agree. Liz was nothing but gracious in this whole mess, while Bond just annoyed more and more people.

    Trina- It's kinda funny, isn't it? Someone in their PR is doing a really crappy job.

    Sugarshock- I fully understand. I've really fallen for Silver Factory. However, the more I read and hear, the more I'm certain that my $230 are going elsewhere.

    Carleen- Thanks for adding your voice and your legal knowledge to the discussion.
    I'm with you on the PR aspect. As beauty bloggers we deal with companies and their PR on a daily basis, and we definitely know good PR from bad one. Honesty and candor works much better than spammy comments.

  8. Wow this really surprised me. It's 2008 - we are way beyond just getting to know web 2.0, you should know it like you were born using it. Pretending to be someone you're not? Why even bother, at this stage in the game.

  9. Wow ! I guess I missed the fire on this one ;-)

    I've been using the name Scents of Peace as an online identity, own the domain (.com), and have an established business since the 90's - and I would just LOVE for her to challenge me on infringement! Those tables might turn !

    If the ladies who are being bullied would like my support, please contact me. I may just contact you directly anyway. THIS is far from OVER !!

  10. Oh and I forgot this too :

    Not trying to SPAM you - just making a point. Here is another:

    Out of respect, I did not put my domain link - but I think you know what it is - lol !



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