Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Skin Savers: Carol's Daughter Body Products

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And for today's fun:

My ongoing battle against the cuir de crocodile has been very successful this winter. Carol's Daughter body products have been a great asset in this war, and it looks like I have another holy grail cream: their Shea Soufflé. While they offer several other good options, the soufflé is perfect in a Goldilocks way: not too thick, not too thin, just rich enough to feel satisfying and nurturing.

The regular lotion would probably work for everyone who needs good moisturizing without coating the skin too much. Be careful if you also use the hair milk: the bottles look exactly the same and I ended up with lotion in my hair on a couple of dark mornings when I was primping half asleep, not remembering that the hair products are the ones on the left side of my dresser.

The body butter in the flat tin is amazingly rich, but quite greasy. It forms an excellent protective barrier that would work great for those who spend longer periods of time outside than my regular dash from door to car. You need to be careful if you apply it before dressing up, because it would get on your clothes. This is why I prefer to use it for a quiet night at home, before putting on thick PJs. The next morning my skin feels extra soft. Another word of warning: the butters are chock full of natural ingredients, including the color of whatever fruit they are made of. The Mango Mélange has stained my sheets with its orange color. It washed off easily, but you should not use it around your white satins.

The shea soufflé was the most perfect of the three products I tested. Rich, creamy but very absorbent, feels luxurious, pampers the skin and leaves it in a very happy condition for the whole day. With 47% of natural butters and oils, no mineral oil or petroleum (two ingredients that always end up making my skin feel dry), it's fast becoming my favorite skin saver.


  1. You were the one to turn me on to this line- I went all the way to a mall by LAX (okay, it was Westchester, same difference) to get a present of the hair stuff for a friend. They were so charming in the store, slathering me with bits of goo and did such a fantastic job of wrapping the gift up that I wasn't even annoyed to find that the hair line is sold at Sephora in the Beverly Center a mile from my house!

    Seriously though, if you have one of their stores in reasonable distance it's totally worth the trip...

  2. Carols Daughter is great, but since they've gone to Sephora they use more chemicals. I use Pooka, it's a great like and they sell it at Whole Foods. You can also get it online at www.pookapureandsimple.com
    this blog is GREAT!!!


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