Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lush Dream Cream

It's not exactly a secret I have issues with the scent of many (most?) Lush products. Dream Cream isn't different in this regard and is probably one of the worst, scent-wise, but it performs so wonderfully I must talk about it.

Dream Cream is more of a lotion than a cream in the texture department, and absorbs quickly enough. It moisturizers with the best of them- just as good as my favorite L'Occitane shea butter cream, only much lighter. I didn't expect it to have a lingering effect, but it does and keeps skin calm and soft all day. It even helps tremendously with the horrible winter itch.

The scent, however, is horrible. It smells like a household detergent, and not an expensive one. I don't know which of the many essential oils in the ingredient list is responsible for the stench, but I can only describe this as a demented lavender. And it's strong enough that I have to wait at least 20-30 minutes before I can wear perfume. And even then, I'd recommend going with a green or herbal fragrance, preferably a masculine (Coriolan is a good choice here). I don't want to think about Dream Cream mixing with anything vanilla.

I've been using Dream Cream since last summer and lately have been finding myself reaching for it several times a week. I'll have to replenish soon, but the Lush website says it's out of stock at the moment. If you've seen the cream at your local Lush store please say so in a comment.

Lush Dream Cream ($22.55) should be available at Lush boutiques and normally it's online. Mine was a gift from my sister who shares my opinions about the high performance and stinkiness.


  1. ha! i love the "demented lavender" description. i have an aversion to anything lavender, even in high-end scents and the plant itself, so i can imagine this perfectly. too bad, it sounds nice otherwise!

  2. I agree that Dream Cream is a marvelously good product, but the smell kept me from repurchasing. A problem I have had with all thier products except the I Love Juicy shampoo. Have you tried either Weleda Skin Food or the Shi Kai Borage Dry Skin Therapy? Both work really well and neither has a smell that (for me) interferes with anything.
    (The borage lotion in particular has a thin, non-sticky, fast absorbing texture that does well on the winter scales. Tall green box, Whole Foods)

  3. I agree that Lush products don't tend to smell that great. I love the way many of them perform but the smell keeps me away, as I know I can find something else that performs just as well and doesn't stink something awful.

  4. hey gaia,
    i also agree--dream cream and the other one, skin something (i bought it in montreal; not sure if it is available in the us) stink. very herbal-yoga-class crazy stink. but! they do work, as you say.

    dream cream is definitely available at the broadway and prince st. store, if you can brave the soho crowds!

  5. See, now I know I'm weird. I think the scent is fine, and for me it disappears pretty quickly anyway. And it's a miracle for this skin!

    I've tried SkinFood by Waleda, which is nice on the hands/cuticles, but leaves more of a greasy feel for a minute or two.

    Good to know that the Dream Cream is stinky to so many people. It's so a non-issue for me, I'd have never guessed! Live and learn...


  6. I use Dream Cream and love it! The smell really doesn't bother me, although I haven't tried it in the summer. I also use their lemon-scented cuticle cream, which may mask the lavender scent. I have Lotion Potion, too, which has a very strong carnation scent. I thought I could handle it, but there are some days when it's a scrubber!

  7. I have Dream Cream, and though I admit the smell does nothing for me, it doesn't last long on me so I don't mind it too much. It works on my 'leg-druff', so I'm happy.
    But Lush do have a few products I can't stand because of the smell. Handy Gurugu handcream is one. It's a bit too hippy-patchouli for me, though it's a good handcream. And unfortunately, that scent DOES linger, overpowering any pefume I'm wearing.
    But then, I do like their Big shampoo. It has a nice ocean/cognac/salt scent, which lasts on my hair, and I love it.
    I guess with Lush, it's a bit hit and miss, eh?

  8. I just started using dream cream…the sent isn’t a favorite but it seams far stronger if I sniff it in the jar than once applied, right now I'm desperate suffering from terrible psoriasis, I tried a sample on my crusty elbows in the store and so far I am pleased, hoping the product works as well as the store clerk’s sales pitch :)



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