Friday, February 20, 2009

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

Unlike Buffy (in the picture above), who is always white and glowing, my main skin care concern is brightening and fighting sun damage.

I picked the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream on a whim, just because it looked promising and I wanted a change in my skin care routine (one doesn't become a beauty blogger without the endless curiosity about products and a minimal attention span). This is a rich product and contains vitamin C and some other brightening agent, so I incorporated it into my regimen by dropping my regular vitamin C serum and using the cream only at night while continuing to use my regular moisturizer (which is quite an over achiever by itself) every morning.

After over two months of use and nearly finishing the jar, I can happily say that White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream is an impressive and effective product. It doesn't perform miracles and the leftover sun spots/freckles on my left cheek haven't vanished, but it brought them down another notch while the overall texture and color of my face has improved, including some pore minimizing.

The cream is quite heavy, and at first I was worried it was a bit too greasy, but I've realized that if I apply it before brushing my teeth, by the time the electric brush stops buzzing almost all traces of the White Lucent are already absorbed. By morning there's absolutely no oiliness, and my skin looks happy, though ready for its day cream.

I'm so satisfied with the results that I'm about to not just repurchase, but also give the serum from this line a chance and see how it goes. The nice thing about the White Lucent line is that they also offer a lighter version in the form of a moisturizing gel, which would be great for summer (and for those of you with oilier skin). Word of caution for the sensitive and allergy prone: the cream is (very nicely) scented.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream ($54, 1.4 oz) is available from most decent department stores and at Sephora, which is where I bought mine.

photo and cat are both mine


  1. good to know, since I am all about the brightening these days

  2. I use the Shiseido white lucency concentrated brightening serum under my regular moisturizer, and I find that works very well. It has the same effect as using the cream, although I wonder if the effect would be magnified using both products. Thanks for the review!

  3. I love Buffy! I think I have her brother, his name is Gus (aka Mr. Gusgus) who has a silky, long all white coat and blue eyes. And he isn't deaf. Cats are my favorite!

  4. I love your cat! You might enjoy the group for Odd-Eyed Cats on Flickr, which was started by a friend of mine. Most of them are also white, but not all (surprisingly). Thanks for the info on this product, I plan to try it sometime soon. Brightening I could use. :-)[email protected]/


  5. I've been considering at this line for a while, unwilling to trade in my Peter Thomas Roth, but anxious about the gratuitous freckles that decorate my nearly porcelain complexion. I used to love the PTR face brightening serum (really got rid of acne marks, and there was no purging, as with some serums) but they seem to have discontinued that product and I haven't found anything comparable. Your review makes me want to try the Shiseido out immediately. Let me know how the serum goes? I'm very curious.

  6. I just have to say, you have the most gorgeous cats.

  7. A question about the brightening effect. Does it impact just the sun spots, or will it make the whole face skin a ton whiter (or lighter, or whatever the appropriate description is)?

  8. hiya! this is my first comment on your blog :) I love the white lucent line, in fact I used the eye whitening treatment and it works too far for my eye bag, it reduced it and fine lines appear because the skin around my eye has been loose due to the eye bag

    the cream is so gd don't you think? skin absorb is very quickly even it is cream. My acne scar was reduced during the 3 mths using it. might look at the serum as well

  9. I've been looking for something to brighten my dull skin and fade my post-acne marks... But most lines in drug stores arent very promising, and have had poor reviews. I adore Shiseido's duel balancing foundation, however I use the lightest shade, and it has been discontinued! (It never ends when you have skin as white as snow) Anyways, my red marks are very obvious due to my extra-white skin... But because of your blog, I think I will definitely buy this product! I have lots of faith in Shiseido, and I am desperate for lovely skin!!

  10. !!! my mom gave me this product to try. im an avid shiseido make up user, so i figured why not. i broke out in an itchy rash within minutes of applying this cream to my face, and i dont have sensitive skin. i washed it off right away but the redness, inflammation and little bumps remained for a good hour. thank god it stopped itching though and that i tried it right before heading off to bed. i recommend you test a small area before going all in.

  11. I love this cream! I think I'll try the whitening eye treatment next as it seems to have a lot of good reviews. Did it work well as a whitener for you though? It hasn't for me, and I've been using it consistently for the past 6 months.

  12. I could no longer use the white lucient cream once I was prescribed Seroquel. It made me get an allergic red rash with tiny bumps all over my face. Strange combo but true.


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