Thursday, February 19, 2009

rms Beauty Cream Eye Shadow And Lip2Cheek

I first read about rms Beauty on the monthly One Lucky Duck newsletter I get from Pure Food & Wine, one of my favorite vegan/raw restaurants in NYC. The place, for those not familiar with the scene, is much more upscale and completely lacking the homespun crunchy granola vibe one would expect. I've been a fan for years, so hearing about a raw organic makeup line endorsed by PF&W's beautiful owner, Sarma Melngailis (who is the best advertisement for the lifestyle and anything else she touches), has definitely sparked some serious curiosity.

rms Beauty (lower case in names annoy me to no end) is not the first makeup line promising skin benefits (29 Cosmetics is all about grape seed and anti-aging), but I liked the idea of a small, local brand, created by a makeup artist (Rose-Marie Swift) which only uses organic ingredients and is committed to healthy living. And the colors looked nice, modern and very elegant.

I ordered one eye shadow and one lip/cheek tint. Both products come in a little pot, which is not my favorite form of makeup packaging. The whole thing about repeatedly sticking your finger (or even a brush) into the open tin is not the most sanitary, and you end up having to scrub the color from your finger before you touch something that shouldn't be tinted. But I was still eager to try.

The metallic cream eye shadow in Magnetic looked promising. It's a taupe mauve, very neutral, but I would have liked it better one shade darker. It's very metallic and provides some serious shine, a bit out of my comfort zone, but unquestionably pretty. The big issue, though, is staying power. It's supposed to act as a moisturizer, so you should avoid using an eye cream underneath. A primer is a must, unless your lids are extremely dry, because without it there's some serious creasing. even with a thoroughly prepped canvas, the eye shadow creased and like most cream products, set into the skin's texture which looks wrinkly and messy. Very disappointing and definitely not worth the price.

I also ordered the lip2cheek color in Rapture. It's a brown based red, and probably the most flattering one I have. It's way too dark for me as a cheek color and requires a lot of work and expertise to get it right and avoid a clown face, but on the lips it's perfect. Before using it, you must exfoliate the lips and use a good (but not greasy) balm. Benefit Smooch is my holy grail in this department. You also need to use a lip liner to make sure everything stays in place. The color is buildable and you can stain just enough for a sexy but mellow look, or go all the way.It's the one matte lip color that doesn't feel or look weird on me, so I'm completely in love. I'm still experimenting with gloss on top (not necessary), but one to stay away is that YSL black gloss. It usually works for me on true reds, but not in this case. I think I also need the one in Illusive, which is a rosy plum color.

rms beauty cream eye shadow and lip2cheek ($36 each) are available from and (I purchased mine from the latter).

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