Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nail Candy, Take 2

I had a little deja vu moment when I opened the newsletter from Sephora announcing their spring 2009 nail color collection from OPI. The title was "Nail Candy" and the bright colors are happy, bright and sweet. And very much like a cream version of the ChitChat collection Zoya introduced last summer, which was shimmery with gold undertones .

The link above goes to my post from May 2008, titled Nail Candy, and here are the color samples from both Zoya and OPI/Seophora press releases. Fun colors, for sure. I'd still stay away from painting your nails yellow. I tried it last year and wouldn't repeat it.

Zoya ChitChat Summer 2008

Sephora by OPI Spring 2009

What do you think? which ones looks better?

original image is mine


  1. Hard to tell....I think I like the Zoya ChitChat 2008 better -- the colours seem a little less washed out. I liked the yellow on my toenails last summer, but I wouldn't try it on my fingernails. It looked good with black patent low-heeled sandals & thongs.

    I'm a toenail polish fanatic! It sounds shallow, but it's one of my big decisions of the summer! I've already bought yellow patent leather flat sandals, so yellow is out this year.

    Last year, I switched to opaque white in July. I thought it looked classic, went with everything, and showed off the miniscule tan on my sunblocked feet. The Vietnamese ladies made fun of me & called me boring! (They like to use a lot of glitter, ugh.) I'm going back to my hair salon with the private room, aromatherapy candle, and cup of tea -- it's worth the extra $10.

  2. I noticed that Zoya is now offering Spring and Summer '09 colors on their site. Their La Di Da Summer '09 is uber bright and eye catching. Reminds me so much of the 80's that I suffered a bit of a deja vu-lash.


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